A Detailed guide on ECommerce App Development and its Cost


Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Umer Malik

Trending ecommerce technology trends have created a solid foundation for new businesses. When we look around, almost everything can be operated through technological controls. People are now using mobile phones for almost everything they need in their daily lives. This has increased the need of Ecommerce App for each and every industry. Here in this blog we are discussing in detail about ecommerce App development and their development cost.

Mobile App technology has opened doors for many online activities like online marketing, online selling, online payments and other online services.

The Online industry is adopting digital trends and mobile app development strategies to target the audience. This works well for both customers and companies. As it is very convenient and comfortable for customers to shop online while it is profitable for companies. Ecommerce app development is the best way to help small businesses by getting new clients.

Why Ecommerce App Development is Required?

We are witnessing variety of updates in marketing and technologies to offer best services to their clients. And Mobile Applications are the best part of it as per research people use their mobile phones almost 60 times more than they use their laptops or Desktops.

An ecommerce application is the easiest and fastest way of doing online Marketing. Ecommerce applications are not only convenient for customers to do hassle-free shopping but also for product search, price comparison and evaluating the product reviews. Ecommerce application is building an excellent sales opportunity for businesses.

As per report the first purpose of using a ecommerce mobile application is for comparing different products while in most cases the final purchase is done using a web app. A survey report estimated that ecommerce mobile application generates 32% of revenue from 56% of traffic whereas e-commerce web app generates 53% of revenue from 37% of traffic. But on contradictory, m-commerce apps have gained 23% more revenue than last year. There are a few more facts that justify how ecommerce app development has outlined new business approaches and why it is beneficial to develop a eCommerce app:

  • Google survey report states that on average 66% of users place at least an online order once a week
  • Mcommerce websites are creating bigger opportunities for businesses as mobile phones used by a person throughout the day.
  • Almost 90% of customers or users keep their phone with them 24*7. Thus, people are more likely to place an order from their m-commerce app than on the desktop. Businesses must consider ecommerce mobile app development.
  • The average cost value of the orders placed by users via a smartphone has increased to $79
  • In the year 2008, the revenue generated by mobile apps was $207 billion which is expected to reach up to $132 billion in 2022

Pointers that affect eCommerce app development cost:

  • Easy Registration Option
  • Simple User Interface
  • Push Notification Feature
  • Social Integrations
  • Shopping Cart
  • Advanced Search Options
  • Customer Support
  • Wishlist & Favourites Button
  • Multi Payment Option
  • Review & Feedback Option

Factors that affect the cost of e-commerce app development?

Development Platform: Opting for the right development platform to target the audience and generate more conversions is important. The development platform is decided according to the company needs, it can be either Android or iOS or cross-platform platform. The development cost varies according to the type of platform.

UI/Ux or App Design: Application design plays an important role in generating traffic and attracting customers. The development cost depends on the complexity of the user interface of an e-commerce application. An engaging user interface drives more users and adds more appeal to the audience.

Application Size: Size of the application plays an important role in deciding app development cost. The application size will depend on the features of the application.

Basic Features: Basic features of an e-commerce application contribute to the development cost. Features like shopping cart, user accounts, database, checkout process, etc require time and development proficiency.

Advanced Features: Adding advance features to your e-commerce application will add more to the development cost. Advanced features include data sync, geolocation, booking/transfer calendar, push messages, OTP authentication, data transform, in-app calling & messaging.

Developing an e-commerce application for your retail business is an effective way to generate more sales. Customers tend to prefer an application or website with excellent user experience and faster processing. With increasing competition in the market, e-commerce app development is essential for every market representative.

Many leading e-commerce companies have increased their sales rate by 47% to 51% using an effective e-commerce mobile application. According to several research reports, e-commerce apps are considered to be the best way to improve sales and generating revenue for the company. To develop an e-commerce application for your business, hire experienced eCommerce app developers that can build an application with pleasant and appealing user-experience.

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