7 Types of Consulting and How to Start Your Consulting Business in 2023


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Are you looking to create your own firm of legal consultation? Here’s a list of some of the most well-known types of legal consultation companies and a checklist to follow when getting started with your own legal consulting. However, you may know that you can partner with a Global PEO to help you with your HR team organization.

What is legal consulting?

Legal consulting provides expert advice on legal issues to various companies and entrepreneurs. They cover various legal topics, such as business law, corporate law, clinical law, and land law.

In this article, we’ll look at what lawyers do, a checklist for beginning law firms, and the different types of legal consulting firms.

Legal consultant vs. lawyer: What’s the difference?

There is a fine distinction between a lawyer and a legal consultant. Legal consultants provide guidance to clients following a thorough investigation of the issue. They also draft the legal documents required by a company or person.

Lawyers also represent their clients in the court of law and present themselves before the Judge. They draft legal documents, communicate and collect details from their clients, and conduct extensive research on the matter.

How do you define a legal advisor or legal consultant?

A legal consultant is a professional who offers expert and legal advice on crucial issues to both individuals and businesses.

The main obligations and roles of legal consulting includes:

  • Managing day-to-day legal issues of the company
  • Check that the businesses adhere to legal guidelines and comply with them
  • Make legal documents for businesses
  • Be sure that sensitive information and data are correctly classified and stored
  • Performing their research and analysis on information related to law

A legal consultant’s job description includes:

  • Responsible for day-to-day legal obligations
  • Offer advice on legal issues
  • Make a variety of legal and statutory documents
  • Help in settling legal disputes and ensure that the legal rules are followed

Seven types of Legal consulting companies:

In this article, we will look at the seven most popular kinds of legal consulting companies. These firms are linked to a particular industrial sector that provides guidance and advice according to the requirements. While the obligations are the same, legal experts must know the specific industry and the rules that go with it.

1. Law firm for startups:

A law firm for startups or a start-up lawyer must be aware of federal and state laws and registration procedures that must be adhered to. Legal consulting firms must recommend the best methods, standards, and regulations that should be implemented by the startup, together with the legal framework which needs to be followed.

2. Legal nurse consultant

Legal nurse consultants are accountable for handling legal matters concerning nursing and healthcare. The consultant reviews, analyzes, and arranges medical documentation.

3. Business legal expert

A business legal advisor or company that deals in business law is charged with the task of providing legal assistance for businesses and companies. The individual is familiar with the legal procedures, laws, regulations, as well as statutory guidelines that companies must comply with. All major corporations and businesses need legal consulting or business lawyer consultation.

4. Legal marketing consultant

Legal marketing consultants are obligated to offer legal guidance to companies specializing in marketing. The consultant is aware of the legal requirements that marketing companies must adhere to. The consultant gives advice and guidance regarding any deviances and the procedure for correcting them.

5. Legal tech consultant

Legal tech consultants are experts who assist lawyers in implementing the most effective guidelines, rules, and regulations of security structures. The consultant helps lawyers choose the right tools and programs to use, which are best for keeping track of documents and data related to legal matters.

6. Legal management consulting

Legal management consulting is the legal consultation service offered to management consultants to determine the scope of the law in resolving complicated operational and business-related issues. They provide the appropriate rules and regulations that should be adhered to in managing services.

7. Boutique law firm

In a boutique law firm, an attorney group is incorporated to form a limited liability partnership. The firm specializes in intellectual property, corporate fraud litigation, taxation, labor, and employment. They pick one among the legal advisory services as the niche area.

Starting your own law firm checklist

What is the best way to start your own legal firm? We will review the essential elements necessary for a legal firm’s beginning. This checklist will help you make the right choice when considering the idea of starting a new company.

1. Make a law firm’s business plan

The first step is to make a business plan based on the law firm’s business template. It should contain the vision and mission statement as well as the objectives and strategies of the company. Planning the finances at the beginning of your business plan is essential. The next step is to prepare an executive summary, which includes the area, team, company goals, objectives, business plans, and budget.

2. Select the law practice area

It is important to pick your law practice area while considering establishing a law firm. It could be any industry or field like Retail, Healthcare, Travel, etc. When determining the area of legal consulting practice, you should try to determine your weaknesses and strengths. In addition, your experience will help you identify the specific practice area relevant to the firm you wish to join.

3. Select a location

It is important to choose the location for your business. It is recommended to search for a variety of offices before making a decision on the same.

4. Choose the legal consultant’s salary

If you are planning to employ a legal consultant, you must decide on the salary of legal consultants according to the market presence and public visibility. Also, you should determine the payroll and the policy regarding the employment of the legal advisor or consultant when you think about how to begin a consultancy.

5. Make a list of some interesting law firm names

The decision to name the legal consultancy company is one of the crucial aspects of the checklist when establishing a law firm. It is possible to choose catchy names for law firms that are relevant and meaningful to your area of expertise. The most effective legal firm names represent professionalism and an accurate picture of the area of expertise. Law firm names must be innovative, simple, and easily comprehensible by the general public.

7. Learn how to run a law firm.

You must learn how to manage a law firm. You have to plan the budget and finances properly, or you might not be able to sustain yourself for a long period. Monitoring prospective clients, calculating the cost of expenses, and directing the bank accounts are also within the management of legal firms. You should ensure that enough funds are available to run your business in the beginning phases. Find out the fees you will need to pay, such as registration, license, etc.

Experience and qualifications needed to be a legal consultant

The necessary qualifications for becoming a legal consultant or beginning legal consulting include:

  • A bachelor’s degree in mathematics, government, Economics, English, communications, or History is recommended before enrolling in law school.
  • Appear for the Admission test and pass it as an admission prerequisite into the law school.
  • Earn a Juris Doctor degree from law school.
  • Additional legal training specifically for particular industrial sectors or domains.
  • Attend the bar exam for respective provinces.
  • Earn a few years of expertise through working as lower-level associates at law firms.
  • Continue to pursue education in law to maintain your licenses.
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