Why Georgette Fabric Is So Unique? How To Style It With Accessories?


There are so many types of georgette fabric in the market. Georgette is made from silk, synthetic, or a blend of it. The fabric is named after the French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante who is credited for inventing this fabric. The pure silk georgette fabric has a distinctive sheen silk that well pairs with the bumpy and twisty aesthetic of the material. 

Georgette can be found in various hues from soft pastel to blue, green, yellow, and pink to bright neon reminding purple and red. It can be easily printed on the material and often printed on floral prints and geometric prints. It is highly popular in the market due to its durability and is also known for its strength for the heavy embellishments on embroidered fabric. 

There are different types of georgette available in the market like polyester georgette, silk georgette, and blended georgette. Silk georgette is made of high-quality luxurious 100% silk fibers. Polyester georgette is often considered the most affordable option due to its being made from synthetic fibers. Blended georgette is often a combination of silk and synthetic fibers and offers a balance of affordability and quality.

Indian georgette

Indian georgette fabric is often decorated with opulent and rich designs made up of a mix of multiple Indian methods and techniques like zari, Resham, zardosi, aari, booti, and lots more. They show beautifully against the bouncy and exquisite fabric and supply a really attractive contrast with the clingy and flowing drape of chiffon. Georgette saree georgette fabric can be employed in all sorts of western garments such as shirts, dresses, tunics, and trousers.

It’s an Ethnic fashion that has become truly memorable due to the fashion phenomenon. This fabric is so right for sarees that are thankful for its classic drape and is commonly to make modern dresses such as dual-tone sarees, saree gowns, neon sarees, etc. It is often customized to make heavy outfits such as lehenga choli. 

What is so versatile?

Plain georgette fabrics can be layered with other fabrics and can also be used for their sheer and beauty. You will not feel bulky while wearing and this is why is a loved fabric for layering clothes. The most popular georgette fabric is one that is Anarkali salwar kameez.

The elegant and authentic silhouette of this dress is beautifully complemented with a classic flattering drape of georgette as you know that this print georgette fabric is often decorated with sequins, heavy stone, and crystal embellishments. It is not just party wear or formal outfits that will be created with georgette fabric.

It can be used for different types of casual wear clothing like tunics, salwar kameez, and Kurtis. Different types of printed georgette fabric with tribal designs and Indian motifs are customized to make it funky, casual, and semi-formal wear and flattering dresses. Georgette is an extremely trendy fabric ethnically. 

How to style georgette dresses?

A majority of wedding dresses like lehenga choli and Anarkali suits are made from georgette fabric. With such fancy and formal varieties of outfits, it would be great to travel with accessories. For your evening wedding event, georgette ethenic wear can be worn with high heels which is the most effective choice for augment of the outfit and enhancing the drape of the saree. In terms of jewelry, you can choose from a variety of options, from ornate Kundan sets and polki earrings to classy gold necklaces and classy pearl earrings. You can choose the accessories of your liking and can flaunt them at the event.


Georgette fabric is often known for its crinkled texture and graceful drape. It is made from silk, and synthetic fibers and blended with other fabrics. It is most popular for different kinds of luxurious garments such as sarees, lehenga, and salwar suits. Georgette is a highly versatile fabric to fulfill your formal and casual needs.