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Why Do Babies Want Baby Dolls?

Why Do Babies Want Baby Dolls?

Developmental specialists and child psychologists agree that your young child’s fondness for baby dolls is normal and reasonable.

Continue reading to learn more about your child’s attachment to their baby doll and how their favorite toy can promote their social and emotional development.

Keep reading to find out more information on it!

Reasons Why Babies Play With Baby Dolls

They play with baby dolls for the following reasons : 

  1. Communication Skills

Despite the fact that dolls are typically not huge talkers, kids nonetheless engage in conversation with them. By conversing with their dolls, kids practice their language skills a lot. 

They may speak to their doll instead of their parents if they are hesitant to say or voice out something. Children often share their problems with their toys.

Peer-to-peer social skills can also be promoted with dolls. As kids get closer to preschool age, you’ll notice them acting out, taking their baby to the doctor or school, and engaging in meaningful dialogue with other kids about these situations.

Children can use doll buddies to help them acquire words for feelings like hunger, drowsiness, or grief that are often invisible or concealed. Play of various forms supports language learning of various kinds.

A child can get help a child in finding their own voice.Playing with dolls can aid a child in finding their own voice by playing with dolls. Asking about the baby can be an excellent approach to encourage back-and-forth conversation if a child is feeling bashful.

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Role-playing is a type of projection, so if your kid tells you their doll is unhappy or terrified, you should listen.

  1. Empathy

Toddler characteristics like irritability and obstinacy show that young children frequently struggle to recognize individuals around them. 

Children sometimes find it difficult to adjust to the idea that others may feel and think differently.

Playing with dolls helps foster empathy, especially if an adult is around to mentor the child. 

For example, you can ask your child:  if their baby(doll) feels sad if your child makes a baby doll appear to be crying, or you could even ask them, “What do you believe might improve their mood?”

  1. Creative Thinking

As toddlers grow, pretend play becomes a pillar of the baby-doll experience, allowing for creative problem-solving.

Children can portray events that have happened to them, as well as things they have seen in books, television shows, or in real life. 

Alternatively, they might just use their imagination to imagine what a baby might do and how a parent or other adult could react in a situation.

You can act as a support structure to promote more advanced doll pretend play. While you do not need to supervise your child during their whole playtime, you might ask them, “Is baby hungry? What will you give her to eat? Offering them a wooden spoon and a pot of dry noodles can help them think more clearly and prolong a session.

  1. Fine Motor Skills

While puzzles and blocks can aid in the development of fine motor skills, many kids like dressing and undressing dolls using buttons and zippers. 

Kids get the chance to develop these useful skills while performing these challenging routines.

  1. Empathy

Toddler characteristics like irritability and obstinacy show that young children frequently struggle to recognize individuals around them. Children sometimes find it difficult to adjust to the idea that others may feel and think differently.

Playing with dolls helps them foster empathy, especially if an adult is around to mentor the child.

For instance, you might inquire, “Is your baby sad?” when your child says that their baby doll is sad and crying, or you could ask them “How do you think they might feel better?”

This teaches young children to identify and label their emotions as well as to consider other people’s perspectives and needs.

  1. Self-Soothing Skills

It’s not just adorable when a child shows affection to a doll or stuffed animal; it also suggests that they are probably using it as a coping mechanism for intense emotions.

After all, the little one giving the hug or kiss also benefits. Children often learn how to calm themselves by calming their dolls when they feel their dolls are sad.

  1. Self-Help Skills

Children practice using a cup, fork, and spoon while feeding their baby dolls, developing skills they can use the next time they eat in real life. 

An additional benefit of pretend feeding is that it can encourage discussions about what your child enjoys and dislikes to eat in real life.

Playing with dolls could encourage good hygienic practices. Many kids enjoy brushing the hair on their dolls.

Bonus: Are All Of Your Child’s Dolls The Same?

Do all of your children’s dolls have blonde hair, blue eyes, and good physical health? Perhaps it’s time to change things up a bit.

Selecting a variety of straightforward dolls as opposed to fancy dolls could encourage more kids to play with them, even boys.

Experts conclude that playing with dolls has many real advantages. Around the time of their first birthday, giving your kid a soft, cuddly baby doll can help them improve their motor and life skills, open up a world of pretend play, and foster their social and emotional growth. 

To Wrap It Up!

Your child playing with dolls is not a worrying cause, though. A stuffed animal or another cuddly companion’s presence might bring about the same advantages, and, one day, these memories might become a treasured friend for them.

Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information useful.

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