Which are the essential packaging materials and how do they safeguard your household assets


Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Umer Malik

The journey from packaging to the transportation and finally the unloading of all your household items at a new place is a long and tiring one. There are numerous reasons behind it and one of the primary reasons is the exhaustion of packing those items and the fear of getting the tempered or damaged item delivered to your new location. So, in order to get out of all these hassles, people hire packers and movers’ company which makes sure that all your items reach the desired location without and damage. But, the cost of hiring these companies may at times burn a hole in your pocket and therefore at time people also resort to buying the packaging materials on their own and get their items packed into them.

These packaging materials include items such as removal boxes, bubble wraps, corrugated paper, jiffy foam, etc. So, if you are someone planning to relocate to a new place anytime soon and do not want to spend much on hiring these companies then, this article is for you. We will make sure that you understand the usage of the various kinds of packaging materials and how can you use them to transport your household items safely to a new place.

Cardboard removal boxes

These removal boxes are entirely made up of recycled paper and therefore are a green alternative to all the other plastic boxes that were earlier used. The cardboard boxes are available mostly in two variants i.e., single wall cardboard removal boxes and the double wall cardboard removal boxes. You can easily get them from a nearby store located in your area or you can also buy them online from sites such as wellpack, etc who ensure a doorstep delivery of all your items in a couple of days.

Corrugated cardboard rolls

The corrugated cardboard rolls are easily available at any packaging suppliers’ store or can be bought online as well. These rolls are also made from recycled paper and are used in the process of packaging and transportation. The corrugated rolls are used for safeguarding the items placed inside them from the external jerk and injury that may be incurred in the process. These rolls are mostly used to protect the fragile items from the jerk that they undergo during the transportation process leading to damages.

Jiffy foam rolls

The jiffy foam rolls are also used for protecting the items from the outside jerk and damages that the items may undergo during the process of transportation. They are soft and spongy in nature and can therefore form a soft shield around the item placed in between which keeps it safe from the external jerks.

Padded Envelops

The padded envelops are used for storing small items which may get misplaced if included with other items. These envelops are available in two variants i.e., small padded envelops and large padded envelops. The small sones are primarily used for storing items that are small and fragile and therefore run the risk of getting lost or damaged if placed with other items. The large ones at the same time are used for storing two or three things collectively so that they remain safe and together at a place in the process of transit.

Parcel Weighing Scales

The parcel weighing scales are also a very important part of the transportation process. Though they do not help in packaging of the items yet, the items packed are easily measured on these scales. Measuring items on the scale ensures that the items loaded on the transportation vehicle don not go beyond the limit and therefore ensures a safe transportation process. Through this scale each and every item of the house can be measured which later also helps in understanding the limit of a cardboard box as well. The weight indicated can help in determining about how much more item is safe to be placed inside the box.

Summing Up

Relocation and transportation can be a tough task and so is the process of packaging the household items as well. With the help of packaging materials such as removal boxes, bubble wraps, etc we can make sure that all our items reach the desired destination without and damage or breakage.