What is The Perfect Reason To Hire Train Deploy Model


Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Nadeem Ahmad

The Train Deploy Model is an organisation model that simplifies the trainee’s transition from a training environment to an on-the-job environment. This also includes a disclaimer at the end to let people know what they are about to read. The disclaimer says that, even though everything makes sense, there may still be some aspects of the hire train deploy model that people may not understand yet.

It is cheap

The train deploy model is an effective organisational model because it allows for a very low-cost training program. This is possible because of the minimal amount of trainers needed to effectively prepare trainees for their jobs.

Trainers that are not hired have to be paid by the company, so a decrease in the number of trainers that are required to complete the same task means that the company saves money by laying off some trainers.

It Is Practical

The train deploy model helps a company save money when training their employees while also allowing them to hire trainers they may not have enough of. The company doesn’t have to pay an extra trainer because the organisation already has another trainer. 

This helps companies maintain a good balance between revenue and cost.

It Is Effective And Efficient

This organisational model is effective because it makes the most of a company’s training budget. By using this model, companies can have a training team that is both cheap and effective. This is because the cost for the organisation is distributed among two or more trainers rather than one trainer, making them more efficient.

It Provides Learners With Better On-The-Job Support

This organisational model can provide better support from the team because of the way it is set up. A train deploy model allows for a more realistic setting for a team because this model shows that not everyone will be doing the same thing. This makes it easier to show trainees how they will most likely be placed into a situation rather than simply placing them in that situation. This helps to create a better understanding between the trainer and the trainee.

It Gives Confidence In Workplace Competencies

This organisational model helps people develop their mindsets. It provides trainees with a better understanding of their industry and how they can adjust to it. This helps working adults develop a stronger work ethic, which is a great thing!

It Reduces Team Friction

Team friction is very easy to create when simply putting trainees into an environment without any prior training or experience. By using a train deploy model, companies can help reduce this friction by letting the trainees get a little experience beforehand.

It Allows For A Better Return On Investment (ROI)

The return on investment can be improved greatly with this organisational model. It lowers the cost, as previously stated, and it also allows companies to use their existing resources more effectively because they are able to use them on multiple tasks at the same time. 

This means that they are getting more out of their money, creating a better ROI.

It Allows For Better Training Results

A relationship based on communication, trust and respect is one of the key components of this model. When this relationship is present, trainees can get a better understanding of the way they will be working for their company, which greatly adds to the effectiveness of their training session.


Overall, the train deploy model is a great organisational model that can help companies cut down on their training budget while also cutting down on the number of trainers they have to hire. This model helps companies achieve a more realistic and effective training program by using the train and hire model.