What Is the Complete Construction Process of Modular Houses


Last Updated on April 21, 2024 by Saira Farman

Modular houses allow you to create customized architecture with high-quality finishes, and high structural resistance.

This type of construction also has a unique aspect: it is thermal and acoustic insulate.

They are simple houses that can only be assembled and installed. This varies depending on the material used to make the parts. It is true for wooden houses. They don’t need to have solid foundations, but they can use a level and stable place.

Modular houses are becoming more popular because of this. Are you interested too? Here are the construction phases.

Prefabrication of All Necessary Elements

According to the modular homes Pittsburgh specialists, the first step in creating a modular home is to prefabricate all the items we will need. The walls and the galvanized steel profile (the house’s structure) are all important.

We also need to consider the accessories and other complements. After all that, we will prepare the ground.

The waterproofing of the ground is an important step in the construction of a modular home. After the preparation of the ground, waterproofing sheets and insulation plates are installed.

You now understand that insulation is an essential characteristic of this construction. It is something that we should focus on at the beginning. We will now move on to the assembly, after cleaning it up.

Assembly of Modular House

After all of the work has been completed, it’s time to assemble the modular house. First, we will place the sturdy steel structure and then the external walls.

This will make the steel structure of our house visible from the inside. The next step is to assemble the pipes and apply formwork.

After that, will begin on the floor by building a concrete slab using reinforced steel. Then, on the floors of intermediate floors, we apply marine plywood and acoustic fabric, and finally, clean concrete.

In the second phase of construction, we will be focusing on the roof. We will install the reinforcement beams and ribbed sheets as well as insulation plates.

The cover is then attached to the waterproofing fabrics, and the drainage bowls. Since we have only raised the exterior walls, we will finish them.

The mortar will be used to finish the exterior walls of the modular house before the color or coating chosen by the client is applied.

Before we begin assembling the dividing walls within the house, we will make sure that the frames are not forgotten. We will support the structure with steel and then place plasterboard and mineral wool.

Final Phase: Walls and Equipment

The final phase of construction involves placing partitions and windows and fine-tuning the interior walls.

Here will be able to begin to define the other rooms, such as the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. It is now time to install the necessary installations, such as light and sanitary. It is now possible to move into the modular house.

The floors and any paint left on walls or other areas will be completed. You can also have specific carpentry work done so that the final result is exactly what you and your client agreed on. Also, If you are in Michigan, you may want to know about
modular homes in Michigan.

The modular house will be ready for you to use and enjoy all of its benefits. Modular houses are built in a shorter time than traditional methods.

This reduces costs. It also has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. This will allow you to reduce your electricity bills. This is a very practical benefit given the recent increases in electricity prices.

It is basically like a traditional house, but it is lighter and easier to build, and it is also much cheaper.