What Does “WSG” Mean on Snapchat?


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A relative newcomer to the world of social media, Snapchat has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity. In fact, it became so popular so fast that not everyone knows what it means when they see “WSG” on their friend’s or loved one’s Snapchat story. So what does WSG mean on Snapchat? And how is this abbreviation used?

What Does WSG Mean on Snapchat?

WSG is an abbreviation of the phrase “what’s up guys,” which is used to say hello.

WSG can be used in different ways, depending on the context. It can be used to greet someone, as well as start a conversation with them.

What Does WSG Mean in Slang?

While there are several meanings to the acronym WSG, it is most commonly used as an expression of sadness. Other meanings include:

  • What? Seriously?
  • Way to go!
  • We’re so gay!

How Is ‘WSG’ Used?

You can use “wsg meaning” in a variety of ways. It’s used as a greeting, a way to say goodbye and even an expression of love. When you see someone you know on Snapchat, it’s common to send them the “WSG” message. You can also use this abbreviation when you’re talking about something or someone with your friends on Snapchat.

This slang word is commonly used by teenagers who use the social media app regularly. If you want to start using this slang in your messages with friends, then keep reading for some examples of how this acronym might be used!

When To Use ‘WSG’ on Snapchat

WSG is a great way to express yourself, and it has many uses.

  • You can use WSG when you’re hanging out with friends
  • You can use WSG when you’re feeling good
  • You can use WSG when you’re feeling angry or sad
  • You can also use WSG as a “signal boost” for other people’s posts that make you feel happy or proud of them

How To Reply When Someone Sends You ‘WSG’

When someone sends you an image or video of a stick figure that looks like this:


You might be wondering, “what does WSG mean?” To help you out, here are some replies that will let the sender know how you feel about them and their message:

  • Reply with “WTH?” or “WTF?” for an incredulous response to what was sent to you. This is often used when something was sent in a text message or chat as well as on Snapchat if it’s not something particularly funny but still makes you react with confusion instead of laughter or joy because they’re weirdly rude or inappropriate in some way (i.e., sending a photo of themselves naked). You can also just say “what?”, but maybe go ahead and add the extra letters so they know how angry and upset this makes you feel!
  • Reply with “what’s good?” if your friend wants to talk about his day rather than send pictures on Snapchat which seems pretty boring compared to talking over FaceTime which would probably be more fun anyway since then they could see each other while talking rather than just being stuck looking at photos all day long when nothing much happens except maybe someone takes their phone away from them because it’s getting late so now we’re going home soon anyway so please give me back my phone now thanks.”


We hope that by reading this article, you now have a better understanding of what “what does wsg mean in snapchat. It’s an acronym that stands for “What’s up, girl?” and it’s used as a greeting between friends when they meet after not seeing each other in awhile. The term can also be used as a way to flirt with someone or express interest in them through text messages or social media posts.

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