What Does it Take to Be a Good Canine Citizen?


Last Updated on May 5, 2023 by Olivia Anderson

How good a puppy citizen is often depends on how good a dog owner you are. Your puppy might already have basic manners, but are they sufficient to be called a good four-pawed citizen? Maybe not!

It is not uncommon for puppy owners to think that their furry companions are fantastic, but they should make sure their fur babies are adequately trained in public manners to be called good furry citizens. 

If your dog barks at unfamiliar people, gives them a run for reasons best known to it, scratches children and does other unacceptable things, then it might need obedience training. Note that behavioral changes can be due to physical health or psychological issues.

Should the behavioral problems be due to physical health conditions, seek medical assistance for early resolution. Consider being prepared with dog insurance so that providing timely medical care need not be economically burdening. 

If you haven’t bought a policy already, consider inquiring about pet insurance cost online. Check different policies, weigh them, and then request and compare quotes before contemplating signing up for a plan. In the meantime, read this article to learn how to know if your canine pet is a good furry citizen on the block.

Does your pup accept a friendly stranger?

The puppy should positively react to an approaching friendly stranger. If your furry pet interacts with them without getting stressed out or allows them to talk to you, it is a sign of a well-mannered pup. Exposure to different social situations early on in your pet’s life and regularly can help condition it to respond appropriately.

Does your pup behave politely during petting?

If your four-legged baby permits a friendly stranger to pet it in your presence, whether at home or in an outdoor situation, then you have a well-behaved puppy. A canine that sits peacefully without interfering knows how to be a good dog.

Does your pup allow people to touch it?

A puppy that allows people, a groomer, or a veterinarian to touch it can be trained not to react negatively in such circumstances. It will most likely let the owner or other people examine or groom it with little to no hitches.

Does your pup walk calmly outdoors?

A puppy that doesn’t lose its temper during outdoor strolls has its senses under control. If your puppy doesn’t pull on the leash, suddenly attack birds and squirrels, or chase after people, it has outdoor etiquette.

Does your pup stay undisturbed in crowded areas?

Suppose your puppy stays unperturbed in populated areas like pedestrian traffic, dog parks, and other places and permits people to pass by without making a fuss. In that case, your puppy has a good furry citizen quality.

Does your pup follow your commands?

If your canine companion appropriately responds to your command regardless of the place, it has a critical good canine citizen virtue. Sit, stay, lay down, come, and other verbal cues will be religiously followed by a pup.

While having the above qualities can get your pup a pat on the back for being a good dog, it should know how to behave around other dogs and animals in public places. Otherwise, expect fireworks when your fur baby comes in close proximity to them.

Train your pet to stay peaceful around other furry babies, and consider being equipped with dog insurance just in case something untoward happens in an outdoor scenario and your pet needs urgent medical treatment.

Contemplate purchasing a policy because pet insurance cost can be much lower than hefty vet costs you may have to bear during challenging times of health.