What clothing essentials are popular among Pakistani women?


Last Updated on April 21, 2024 by Saira Farman

Apparently, it appears as if women have it easy. Looking chic like the models in fashion magazines is supposed to be second nature for us.

Drape a silk scarf, grab a purse, accessorize with a pair of gold earrings, and slip on a pair of chappals – and bam, you’re all set.

If only it was that easy!

Dressing stylishly is an acquired skill, more so in Pakistan, if you ask me. You’ve got to learn to balance a lot of things before you can pull off the perfect look. For instance, you have to dress according to the occasion, choose the right material for the outfit, and coordinate your outfit with the weather. And this can get challenging even for the most avid dresser.

Clothing essentials

Clothing essentials are the building blocks of a solid wardrobe. You can always count on these items to look put together and feel confident. Some examples of clothing essentials include a white T-shirt, a pair of well-fitting jeans, a tailored blazer, a versatile dress, and a warm coat.

These items can be easily mixed and matched to create endless outfit options, and their timeless style means they never go out of fashion. When choosing clothing essentials, it’s important to prioritize comfort, quality, and fit above all else, as these items will form the foundation of your wardrobe and be worn time and time again.

So my job today is to make dressing up as easy as possible. I’ve compiled a list of essentials that can help improve your personal style and take any ordinary outfit to the next level in an instant.

Ready to get started?

1. Custom Tailored Shalwar Kameez Suits

Shalwar kameez is one of the traditional dresses of Pakistan. So every woman should own a couple of these essential outfits. There is a wide variety of ready-to-wear suits in the market, full of different patterns, colors, lengths, and styles.

However, it’s best to have a few tailored according to your size, personal style, and lifestyle needs.  The key is to buy the right fabric for your city of residence and the weather. For example, for anyone living in Islamabad, lawn is the perfect choice during the hot summer months, while hoodie is a better option for winter.

If you’re concerned about finding ideas to stitch a stylish outfit, all you need to do is get a little help from fashion divas. Study what’s trending this season and copy their style. Also you can buy printed lawn material from brands like Elegante clothing for both the top and bottom to create a co-ord set of your choice. So mix and match with the colors and patterns and you will definitely steal the show.

2. Scarves

Times may have changed, but head scarves and dupattas are still an essential part of every Pakistani woman’s wardrobe. Even if you don’t use them to cover your hair, a scarf can help instantly transform an ordinary outfit into one that’s more elegant. So these versatile pieces of fabric are here to stay.

However, it’s not as simple as buying a beautiful scarf and draping it over your shoulders. The key to success lies in selecting the right color and material. After all, you want to invest in a wardrobe essential that complements your outfit. For instance, plain georgette scarves go best with printed co-ords.

But besides this, the way you wear a scarf should complement your outfit. So take the time to learn different ways to wear a scarf and carry yours with flair. Common styles include the classic loop, simple neck knot, twisted turtleneck, and more.

3. Handbags and Purses

Handbags and purses are more than something you can use to carry your personal belongings. These fashionable wardrobe essentials can help make a bold style statement.

Needless to say, you’ll need to buy several handbag styles, such as totes, bucket bags, clutches, purses, pouches, etc. Ensure to use the right one for different occasions. For instance, handbags and tote bags are suitable for work, but fancy clutches look best with formal outfits. But if you want your investment to go the extra mile, aim to buy a metallic clutch, purse, or bag to use at parties and a neutral-toned one for casual events. Moreover, always coordinate the shade of your purse with that of your outfit. Or simply match it with your shoes or scarf.

4. Khussa

Khussas are another essential item that can enhance any outfit. These beautifully-crafted, handmade shoes are intricately decorated with mirrors, threadwork, and beads. That means they can be worn to any event, from small gatherings to huge weddings.

And since they’re made from leather, khussas are incredibly soft and comfortable. Some women have exchanged their pumps, slippers, and high heels for traditional khussas, preferring to wear them to work every day.

5. Sarees

Ask any woman from the subcontinent about sarees, and you’ll get the same answer – sarees are an embodiment of grace and elegance. While women in India comfortably wear sarees for daily wear, Pakistani women typically reserve them for traditional events, such as weddings and formal parties.

Women of all ages and heights can look stunning in a saree. I believe that any woman can look beautiful in any dress as long as she wears her outfit with confidence and believes that she looks beautiful.

6. Kurtis

Kurtis will always hold a special spot in every Pakistani woman’s heart. Instead of wearing the classic shalwar kameez, now you have the freedom to wear your top separately with the bottom of your choice and create your own style. So yes, kurtis are fresh and versatile, making them the preferred choice of ladies today.

You can also purchase unstitched fabric and stitch some kurtis for yourself from the latest lawn collection. However, always purchase material from reputable brands. This ensures your clothes are comfortable and will last more than a single season.

7. Linen Trousers

If you’ve picked out the basic kurti, now you need the perfect pair of linen trousers to complete your outfit. Just like western women need to own a classic black dress, every eastern woman needs to have plain black trousers.

Whether it’s an ankle-cut, straight cigarette pants, or flared culotte, your black trousers will go well with other wardrobe essentials.

8. Shawls

If it’s getting chilly outside, consider switching your chiffon dupatta for a warm velvet or pashmina shawl. Besides offering comfort and warmth, your shawl can add elegance and charm. Wrap yourself in an elaborately embroidered shawl and take your outfit to the next level.

Over to You

With the essential clothes I’ve mentioned above, you can look stylish all year round. However, staying smart and trendy means paying attention to what’s in and what’s not. A quick wardrobe revamp is all it takes to stay fashionable today and always.

It’s time to get your groove on.

So what are you waiting for?