Vancouver Canucks 2022-23 Regular Season Schedule


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The Vancouver Canucks have released their 2022-23 Regular Season Schedule, which looks like a busy one. The back end of the schedule is loaded with playoff implications, including three games against the Kings and one against the Oilers. Then, the team bumps up its bye week to the All-Star Break. In addition, the Canucks will play 13 back-to-back games.

Tix2games returns to Canada’s hockey hubs

Tix2games has announced that the network will return to Canada’s hockey hubs for the 2022-23 NHL regular season. The network will deliver exclusive regional TV and streaming coverage of Canada’s professional hockey teams. As the national English-language home of the NHL, Tix2games will serve national and regional coverage of all 82 regular-season NHL games. During the playoffs, Tix2games will split its broadcasts with CBC.

Tix2games will be back in Canada’s hockey hubs for the 2022-23 NHL season with a full schedule of games. The network will televise 11 games in the first year, including the regular-season opener against Alaska Anchorage. The network will also feature Colorado Rockies, Utah Jazz, and Vegas Golden Knights games.

Canucks bye week bumps up against All-Star Break.

The Vancouver Canucks’ bye week bumps up against the All-Star Break this year and coincides with the All-Star Weekend. During the All-Star Weekend, players will head back to Florida for the All-Star Game. Afterward, they will travel out east for a four-game trip. After that, the team will travel to Detroit and New York for three playoff games.

The Vancouver Canucks are currently in the lead in the Western Conference, with six games to play before their bye week. Next up in the standings are the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers, each with 57 points through 50 games. Then, the Arizona Coyotes and Vegas Golden Knights are right behind them.

Bye week bumps up against All-Star Break.

The Vancouver Canucks’ 2022-23 Regular Season Schedule features a busy stretch that begins with a bye week. The Canucks’ bye week is bumped up against the All-Star break, causing Vancouver to have an extra three-game stretch in February. The rest of the month comprises home games and road trips against the Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings, and San Jose Sharks. After their bye week, the team will play three home games before heading south for a three-game stretch. They will also visit Chicago, Dallas, and St. Louis.

The Vancouver Canucks will have nine games in the first half of their schedule. This stretch begins with a trip to Winnipeg, where the team will face the Winnipeg Jets. After that, the Canucks will play the Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers, and Carolina Hurricanes. The Canucks will play the Buffalo Sabres in their home opener on October 22.

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13 back-to-back games

The Vancouver Canucks 2022-23 Regular season schedule features 13 back-to-back games. The season’s first two months will feature nine games at home and nine away. The Canucks will play back-to-back games on January 17 and 18, and the remaining nine games will be on the road. The team will be in Vancouver three times in February.

The first month of the Vancouver Canucks 2022-23 Regular season will feature six home games against the New York Rangers and Detroit Red Wings. The Canucks will also visit Nashville, Anaheim, Ottawa, and Dallas. Vancouver will then play three games in four days on a three-in-four trip, starting in Arizona, where they will play in the new Mullett Arena at Arizona State University. The Canucks will also visit Dallas, St. Louis, and Chicago in the first half of the season.

All-Star break

The Vancouver Canucks 2022-23 Regular season schedule features a short nine-day break over the All-Star break. This is when players are likely to be resting or recovering from a long trip. The team will return to action on February 4 at the 2023 Honda NHL(r) All-Star Weekend in Sunrise, FL. In addition, the team will have four games in the eastern United States following the break, including two games in New York and one matinee in Detroit.

The Vancouver Canucks’ 2022-23 Regular Season Schedule features six games at 7:30 Pacific. Five of these will be home games. The team will also play six road games during the regular season, including a trip to the Dallas Stars and a three-game homestand against the Flames. The regular season will end on April 13, and playoffs will begin the following weekend.

Bye week

The Bye week in Vancouver Canucks 2023 Regular Season Schedule will begin on January 19 and end on February 14. The Canucks will begin the month with one road trip, which is expected to be to Dallas. They will then spend most of the month at home. That means they will have three home games before heading out to the Midwest for three games against the St. Louis Blues and two against the San Jose Sharks. The schedule also includes some time off in the middle of the month to rest and get ready for the playoffs. After a bye week, the Vancouver Canucks will play six games, five at home. However, Vancouver will play the game against the Detroit Red Wings on January 11. The game will begin at 9:00 a.m. Pacific and the Canucks should be able to take advantage of that early start.