The Importance Of Professional Jewellery Valuation


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Jewellery valuation is all about appraising and evaluating different pieces of jewellery based on different types of parameters. Since it is a highly valuable asset, therefore, for the valuation of your jewellery you need an expert or a professional. The value of the jewellery is determined by keeping some important factors in mind, such as, the metal of the jewellery, the quality of diamonds or gemstones used in it, the age of the jewellery, the condition of the jewellery and so on. It is important to evaluate your jewellery from a professional as it will be helping you in different aspects, such as while claiming the insurance for your jewellery, while paying taxes, during a family settlement, to know its sale value and whether it is accurate as per the market value and so on. This article will focus on the importance of evaluating a jewellery from the professionals.

Prestige Valuation is one such company that helps you in professionally evaluating your jewellery. It provides services related to jewellery valuations, probate jewellery valuation, valuation of the jewellery in divorce settlement, watch valuations, jewellery remodelling and redesigning and so on. They provide both on the spot services and online services.

Let us now have a look at some of the benefits that you need to know if you are going to a professional for jewellery valuations.

The importance of evaluating the jewellery from a professional

Professionals are always up to date regarding the changes that are going on in the market related to jewellery and other valuable assets. They have the exact idea regarding the changes in the value of the jewellery as per the market value. This helps you further in getting the exact value of the different pieces of jewellery that you have with you. Further if you are updating yourself with the value of the jewellery that you have, it may help you from a financial loss in the future, if certain situations arise. It will also help you in avoiding situations such as making up any cost difference or settling for a lesser quality item. In short, jewellery valuation from a professional helps you in knowing the exact value of your jewellery pieces which prepares you and helps you for the future, if you want to either sell it or exchange it with other jewellery.

The changes that are taking place

In most of the cases, when the jewellery pieces are being insured, they are insured as per the purchase price. For instance if you purchased jewellery years ago, and now you want that jewellery to be insured, then it will be done on the basis of the price in which you had purchased. Therefore, there is a need to keep yourself up to date with the market and exchange rate fluctuations that are happening regularly. However, it is not possible to keep yourself up to date all the time and therefore, the need of the professional!

Here are some of the important aspects of jewellery that keep on fluctuating:

  • Diamonds: Big fluctuations in the price of the diamonds have been seen on a regular basis. The market value of the diamonds has increased a lot, especially in the diamonds having larger carat weights. So, if you do not know the exact market value of the diamonds, you may face major issues.
  • Metals: The prices of metals also fluctuate a lot. Especially the price of gold, which is one of the most important metals when it comes to jewellery, keeps on fluctuating. The market value of gold has increased a lot and if you are going for jewellery valuation to a professional, you may get the exact idea regarding the value of your jewellery and it may have increased, if you purchased it years ago.
  • Sapphire: When it comes to gemstones, sapphire is one of the most famous and the important ones. Many people love to purchase jewellery having sapphire gemstones, especially the jewellery having blue sapphire gemstones. The market value of this gemstone is also increasing dramatically. So, if you purchased jewellery with sapphire gemstones years ago, its value may have increased a lot. However, the value is calculated as per the current market value.

Summing up

Jewellery valuations are highly important. In order to know the exact value of your jewellery, you need to update yourself with the market value that is fluctuating all the time. And here, the importance of the professionals signifies the most. All the aspects that are discussed above prove how important is the need of a professional in the valuation of the jewellery!