Last Updated on March 17, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Covid-19 changed the world, the people, the style of working and each and everything surrounding an individual. Work from home or the new normal has made people have a comfortable atmosphere at home whether it is in terms of clothes, food or their home interiors. The working population wants to have a snuggly and relaxed environment where they can work, recharge themselves and chill out with their friends. The resulting increase in spending time at home led people to decide to buy and upgrade their homes, giving their spaces a pleasing appearance. Consumers, businesses, and industries are all revisiting existing systems and procedures as the very concept of “new” has changed in perception. In a world that seems increasingly unstable, people seek comfort in their homes as a natural refuge from the uncertainty outside.

Upgrading homes means better designs creating a serene ambience in this fast pace of life. In the textile industry, fabric trends are taking an innovative path. But post-pandemic, it has evolved to serve multi-purpose things moving towards more practical structures. Colors and the type of fabrics play an active role in defining your personality and your lifestyle. One can go for those cozy colors like pastels or opt for playful choices. Nobody minds a few luxurious choices when it comes to enhancing their own place.

With nature and earthy tones settling quietly into one’s abode, 2022 is a year of a range of trends that reflect the individual’s personality, keeping simplicity at its core, while exotic geometric patterns and greener visuals add an exotic taste to the surroundings. There are a few fabrics that can add elegance and quirkiness to your place. Some of them are:

  1. The sheer fabric: From chiffon, organdy, and voile to dotted swiss and georgettes, all of them come with a pinch of transparency adding a luster and bringing in a lot of natural light for a freshen-up look. These fabrics create a delicate yet striking look. You can add to your balcony curtains or even in your bedrooms.
  2. Classic Velvets: The versatile velvet is taking over and is becoming everyone’s choice irrespective of the season.  The velvet look has made its way onto our feeds and into our homes, from hotels to bars to the most pin-worthy bedrooms and living rooms. From upholstery to cushions and carpets; the trend is here to stay. Add glamor to your house with velvet fabrics as they have a soft and smooth texture. The solace and relief are coming with it. Crushed velvet fabric is apt for redoing your sofa. Poly and cotton blend velvets can be used for curtains. Corduroy matched with velvet is topping all the charts of the latest trends this year.
  3. Delicate Fabrics: Just the velvets, silk is a timeless fabric that will always top the chart for creating a vibrant and peppy look for your house. Be it the table covers or sofa covers or cushions, they are purely charming, thereby adding oomph to your place. These are sturdier and smooth fabrics available in so many patterns and designs. You name it and it is available whether it is embroidery or sequins, these days you can upgrade your interiors with whatever your choice. Even minimal tones are available.
  4. High-performance fabrics: These fabrics are everyone’s favorite as not much time is required for these fabrics. Additionally, they are economical and graceful and best suited for people with children or pets. These fabrics can be fine-tuned in rooms like a dining room or living room or children’s playroom. If your furry pet crawls on the sofa with muddy paws, if you have trouble with children spilling liquid on your sofa, or if your furniture gets smudged with chocolate, polyester, olefin, and acrylic are your best friends. These fabrics can be easily cleaned without creating a hole in your pocket.
  5. Printed Fabrics: You have a wide choice to choose from the printed fabrics along with your favourite colours. It is primarily the change in a work culture that is responsible for this trend. Increasingly, prints represent a sense of escape as people spend a greater amount of time at home. Prints inspired by nature are in trends like animal prints or florals. Even geometric patterns are in for that voguish look. It is possible to maintain balance by using plain and printed fabrics when designing your ecosystem. Explore and play with mix-and-match prints of different colours.

Make your space happy and get a luxurious feel with these trendy fabrics. The edgy patterns and bold colours can spice up your place. The future of furnishings is sustainable fabrics for a better and healthy environment and a better future for the upcoming generations.