Fleet Management Software for Small Business


Have you ever wondered how business models for a large and small fleet business can vary from one another? Well, the fleet management software plays a huge role in the functioning of both kinds of fleets. It is easier to imagine a manager being more involved in the optimisation process for small fleets. But it is farfetched to assume the same for large fleets. 

At different scales, the types of challenges both these types of fleets face are similar. In this article, we will focus on the functioning and issues a small fleet is forced to face. Can a fleet management software be a good choice for such fleets?

Fleet management is the process of combining manual management methods with automation. While it removes some of the responsibility on the manager’s shoulder, they still have a huge role in the fleet’s operations. Let us learn more in the following sections. 

How Does Fleet Management Operate? 

Budgeting is the top priority for any business. But for small fleets, it is even more important to pay close attention to their expenditures. These businesses cannot afford heavy expenses as well as established businesses can. 

So what features does fleet management software have to offer that make it easier for small businesses to handle their fleets? Let us take a look:


The solutions that this system has to offer make fleet arrangement very easy. It automates most of the things that burdened managers and makes these processes error-proof. Thus the fleets experience a surge in not just profitability, but also productivity. The solutions that make this possible are:

  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring: This solution allows managers to see their driver’s activities and ensure that they are not making bad driving choices. Thus, every time a driver brakes abruptly, over speeds, corners harshly, idles or accelerates, managers receive alerts about it. They can instruct their drivers to drive more safely.
  • Route Planning: Planning routes can be very tough. This is why this solution makes this process as easy as adding necessary halts and sequences into the system. The software does the rest of the work, selecting suitable routes accordingly. Thus, managers save time.
  • Fuel Monitoring: Vehicles can consume a lot of fuel. Thus, fleets will have to make heavy investments in their fuel costs. But it is also very easy to lose fuel due to careless means. Fuel monitoring solutions allow managers to see their vehicle’s fuel levels in real-time. Thus, they can plan their operations in a way that uses the least amount of fuel. 
  • Asset tracking: Delivering high-responsibility consignments requires very close supervision. But theft is a prevalent issue for fleets. Asset tracking ensures that no consignment is stolen or misplaced. 
  • Video Telematics: Small businesses have a very small margin for errors in their operations. They cannot afford the risk of getting nuclear verdits. Thus, ADAS and DMS make it easy for drivers to ensure their vehicles are safe. They mitigate any issues of distracted driving, making fleets safer.


Ensuring that a fleet is being run by people who have the correct licence and experience for the job is crucial. This helps businesses ensure the safety of their vehicles. But how can managers make sure that all their drivers have the correct documents suitable for the job? By digital documentation!

The system allows managers to store the documents of their vehicles and drivers on the software. With manual management, it is easy to skip over any driver by mistake. But the fleet management system eliminates this issue. 

Maintenance and Servicing

Vehicles when travelling on roads can encounter a lot of accidents. This translates into repairs for the vehicle as well. But ignoring these repairs can jeopardise the safety of both the vehicle and the driver. This is where the servicing and maintenance feature comes into play. It allows managers to set reminders whenever any maintenance is approaching

It also aids the process of scheduling preventing Maintenence e procedures for vehicles. This means that any issue with the vehicle will be detected before it becomes an issue on the road. Businesses will have to pay less for vehicle replacements due to damage done by accidents as well. 

Parking Mode

Vehicles are the most vulnerable when they are parked without their drivers around. The chances of their parts getting stolen are very high. In extreme cases, fleet businesses might even lose entire vehicles to theft. This is a damaging additional cost and can almost pull a business under. 

The fleet management system has a parking mode where managers get alerts every time the system detects suspicious mobility in the vehicle. After all, why would a vehicle be moving if it is in parking mode? It also has a battery disconnect alarm. 

This alarm helps prevent battery theft which is also a very common practice as their batteries are of high monetary value.

Is NaviLap a Good Choice for Small Businesses?

NaviLap is a system that has been designed as a lite version of TrackoBit, a holistic fleet management software. While the above-mentioned features are all a part of TrackoBit there might be businesses that do not require such extensive solutions. Then why pay for features you might not even use?

NaviLap can be an economical way for you to track your vehicles. With the following features, it makes fleet management easy:

  • Live Tracking: The system gives managers updates on a vehicle’s real-time locations. It also creates a map of the route the vehicle adopted while completing a task.
  • History: The system saves the history of the trip adopted by the vehicle for up to 3 months. This means managers can go back to see where their vehicle’s performance was lacking at a later stage.
  • Geofence: This is a virtual boundary marked on the map. Every time a vehicle enters or exits this set boundary, managers receive a notification.
  • Parking Mode: This feature allows managers to ensure that their vehicles are stationary when they are parked. If the vehicle moves, they receive alerts and can take necessary actions.
  • Immobilise: This feature allows managers to ensure their vehicles stop moving if they detect any suspicious movement. Thus, mitigating theft issues. 
  • Maintenance: Just like TrackoBit, this system also allows managers to set reminders for any servicing procedures. Vehicles stay in good health for a long time this way.

TrackoBit, Your Business’ Best Friend

Now we know how a small fleet business can manage vehicles. While it might sound easy to optimise a small fleet, the challenges that these companies face can be very stressful for managers. This is why investing in fleet management software is essential. Confused about which system to purchase?

TrackoBit is the best companion your business can get on its journey to becoming a large business. It makes fleet operations profitable and increases productivity. Thus managers do not have to worry about budget or business’ reputation.