Sizes, Types And Features Of Commercial Carpet Extractors.


Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Saira Farman

Most commercial facilities have carpeted floors in some buildings that will be filled with stubborn stains and dirt. Even with the best quality routine vacuum schedule and entry matting system, your facility’s carpet will require spot cleaning and restoration. A carpet extractor used with carpet spotters can best solve your purpose. They can clean and remove the deeply embedded dirt by performing periodic spot cleaning over the carpets. It will also save you time and money. In this article, we will learn and understand what a carpet extractor is, how it works, and its features.

What Is A Carpet Extractor?

A carpet extractor is a device that runs through a generator and utilises water and pressure along with suction to remove the deeply stuck dirt or stains from the carpet or upholstery. 

How Does A Carpet Extractor Work?

Carpet extractors are of two types, and they are either cord electric machines or powered by batteries. The fundamental advantage of carpet extractors is that they eliminate manual labour required for carpet cleaning by automatically applying chemicals and water to the carpet and then removing and scrubbing the filthy solution from the carpet.

When Is It Best To Use A Carpet Extractor?

Carpet extractors are best to use when there are deeply stuck specks of dirt inside the carpets or the upholstery. Also, when you require restorative care for the carpets, the carpet extractors come to action. Periodic spot cleaning of the office floors or the commercial areas can be performed as necessary. Using a carpet extractor for performing restorative care on the carpeted floor will help you get back the original look of the carpet. It will create a healthier space and extend the life of your carpet. You can contact us if you wish to perform restorative care using a carpet extractor. We offer the best quality materials without compromising on their quality. 

Different Types Of Carpet Extractors 

There are different types of carpet extractors available in the market. Some of them might need a hose and wand to eliminate the soils, while others are self-contained that can perform the extraction procedure automatically in one single pass. The best carpet extractor will depend on the space and size of the location you wish to clean. If you plan to do routine cleaning, a small portable spotter will serve your requirements. However, for cleaning open and large areas, a large self-contained extractor is always essential to finish most of the cleaning work during a shift.

Portable Carpet Extractors Or Spotters.

These carpet extractors are small, portable, and beneficial for a quick cleaning or emergency cleaning of a particular spot. The portable spot cleaners are canister-type cord electric machines. There is an attached spotting tool that is needed to operate the machine, and it requires the user to drag the tool to remove the stuck soil from the carpet. 

The portable carpet cleaners are best for cleaning the upholstery or carpet of small areas. They have two separate tanks, one for the dirty solution and one for the clean water. The general recovery tank size of the portable spotters ranges between one to three gallons.

Box or tank carpet extractor.

Box or tank carpet extractors are slightly bigger than portable spotters, and they have a hose and a wand attachment that helps the machine to stand upright. The machine is a bit heavy and bigger than the portable extractor, so it requires a person to manoeuvre. The hose and wand are moved like a vacuum cleaner to collect the stuck soil particles and dirt. Operators can reach hidden areas like under the offices’ desks to clean the stuck dirt where the portable spotters cannot reach. 

Box or tank carpet extractors are only of one type and are cord electric featured. These machineries are best utilised for cleaning the dirt in areas with more than 2000 square feet of space. The box extractors are well suited for the locations where spotters prove to be too small, and the self-contained extractors prove to be too large. 

Talking about the talk size, it is crucial to know the size because they determine how much area you can clean around. The larger the tank, the more solution and dirt it can hold. A box or tank extractor with a larger tank size will let you clean more area without the requirement to stop and clean the solution. These carpet cleaners’ recovery and solution tank range between 10-12 gallons. While cleaning the carpets with the extractors, ensure that you use the best upholstery cleaning products to ensure better and more efficient cleaning. You can visit our stores and get quality carpet cleaning products at affordable rates. 

Self-contained carpet cleaners

The best part of the self-contained carpet cleaners is that they don’t need an operator to control the wand and hose for cleaning the debris off the upholstery or carpets. An attached brush underneath the extractor will perform the cleaning on your behalf. They are the best for carpet cleaning in areas of huge size, like corporate offices. 

Talking about the area size, small self-contained carpet cleaners can clean carpeted areas of 500-2000 square feet. Though the small self-contained extractors have a small tank size, the mid and the bigger ones have up to 20+ gallons of the tank for holding the dirty and clean water solutions. They can also clean corporate areas of up to 30000 square feet. 

Overall Features Of The Extractors

Based on the model and manufacturer of the self-contained carpet extractors, they can be equipped with various features. A carpet extractor with added features reduces the fatigue ness of the user, enhances productivity and lowers the overall expense. 

Power Source

Most carper extractors are cord electric featured, and a handful is battery operated. The power cords of the extractors are 25 metres long which is quite long for the operators to handle. The best part is that the extractor can be carried to corners to clean the dirt and dust particles. The only drawback is the added time and manual labour needed to manage the cord. However, the battery-operated carpet extractors are very effective, and they improve the working efficiency of the extractors. Though it can be utilised for increased productivity, the run time of the battery-operated carpet extractors is less. 

Water Pressure control.

The pump water pressure feature of the extractors determines the force of the spray. Every carpet extractor is equipped with a PSI ranging between 100-500. The higher the PSI of the carpet extractors, the more dirt can be recovered. Also, ensure that all carpet cleaners do not have the same pressure capacity. Therefore select the one that suits your requirement and can offer the best possible results. Visit us to get the best upholstery detergent that effectively works with carpet extractors. 

Final Words.

Carpet extractors can indeed help you with office restoration and provide you with the original look. It also enhances the team’s productivity, improves the longevity of the carpet and builds a healthier environment. The best carpet cleaners will work at their optimum capability to provide you with the best results. Therefore, determine a machine that works best for your space and perform a deep cleaning of your commercial space efficiently. Get in touch with us for quality carpet cleaning materials of different varieties.