Reasons Why Drupal CMS is the Top Pick for Government Sites


Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Umer Malik

With proper framework, government websites provide important and real-time data, maintain solid security, build citizen trust, and utilize limited budgets. We believe Drupal CMS is an excellent choice for government websites. What makes Drupal such a perfect choice? Please go through these reasons why Drupal is the preferred choice to build government websites.

Drupal, is the most experienced CMS present in the market. However, its popularity is growing at an exponential rate. With major agencies like NASA making use of Drupal, the demand for Drupal development services has grown significantly. Several organizations, including Tesla, Tourism Fiji, and Pinterest, have already migrated to Drupal CMS. Government agencies of several nations are among Drupal’s most loyal clients.

While Drupal already drives millions of government agencies, its accessible nature and functionality, including safety, affordability, content management, make it the ideal tech choice for governments.

Features of Drupal Websites for Government Websites

1. Portability

Mobile-based website activity is slowly replacing desktop. This shows that customers are accepting portable devices more to access information from the internet. Government agencies should migrate to a better, higher, stronger, improved, and better arrangement to meet citizens’ needs. It also supports customers to upgrade their content specifically using mobile gadgets.

2. Safety

A secure website that prioritize the client’s security and keeps your information secure win over user trust. Drupal offers a strong and secure platform by sharing regular security updates. This helps to keep the website data updated and free of all dangers. Drupal has a vast community of dedicated engineers who look after possible issues and dangers while making the website stable.

3. Versatile

Drupal gives users complete control over the content management through development pack. It also offers different clients easy availability, which means that websites are easily maintained by different clients. It is a great advantage for government organizations because different agencies can manage their site to access and update content. It also offers a collection of open-source libraries that clients can use to add diverse functionalities to their websites, making them user-friendly.

4. Connectivity

Government websites of different departments must adhere to laws while meeting citizens’ needs. These websites need to be developed to emphasize transparency from the beginning. Drupal has openness in its framework, with all of its features crafted to adhere to the rules of the World Wide Web. It helps all citizens to easily connect to the website and address including filling out forms, reading news, etc.

5. Cost Efficient

Government budgets are constrained by several competing demands for every investment. You can use Drupal CMS for free, and being an open-source framework it is supported by a large community. Building your website on an open-source platform implies that you will focus your budget on offering the best experience for your citizens. Through expert guidance including content strategy, client experience, and planning rather than committing investment to address expenses. Drupal’s adaptable modules lower or eliminate the requirement for custom code, saving money.

6. Multilingual

Governments involve multiple divisions in a single office, so it is not possible for these divisions to have separate websites. With presence of multi-site feature duplicates your website’s core code to build as many similar websites as needed. This feature facilitates use of the same features on different websites without building a new one from scratch. It additionally comprises of multi-language support for users from different geographies.

Wrapping Up

Numerous governments agencies have adopted Drupal CMS for their websites to ensure their information remains secure. You can hire Drupal developer to create dynamic and responsive website for different administrative divisions. Reach an expert, and they will share in-depth knowledge of why Drupal is the best platform for government websites.