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The 55-gallon drum is a special case for material handling machinery because of its size and weight. The contents of a drum, despite its relatively small size, can sometimes weigh a significant amount. It has the potential to weigh up to one thousand pounds, depending on its contents. Drums, due to their circular form, are easily rolled, making them difficult to control and possibly dangerous to employees if the right precautions aren’t taken. Depending on what they include, it might be harmful. After a spill, a high-temperature liquid may react if it was not properly contained. These drums require delicate handling. Drums may be safely moved and emptied with the help of the specialised drum handling machinery. Your safety is not at risk when using them.

Tips to Choose the Right Drum Handling Equipment

Think about what you want to accomplish and what obstacles you could face.

If you want to keep the drums in good condition, for instance, you may use cushioned tools. A drum handler that can take up numerous drums at once can increase productivity and inventory turnover. Locating problem areas is the first stage in determining which items would be most beneficial in bringing about the desired changes.

Consider your operators – 

It’s unlikely that everyone on your team will be an expert user of every tool. Assess your team members’ skills and experience, and then distribute the necessary tools accordingly. Keep in mind the time of day you work, since operating heavy machinery when sleep deprived can be quite dangerous.

Examine your methods again –

The same way that different people and tools excel at various tasks, the same is true with machinery. You may have used the same items over the last decade, but you may have reorganised your processing chain in different ways. Now is a wonderful time to check over brand-new offerings and determine if any of them are a better fit for your requirements. Sometimes standard options fall short of meeting everyone’s needs, and specialised drum handling machinery is the only option.

Keep in mind the stuff you’re dealing with –

Oil is a common commodity stored in 55-gallon barrels, but they may hold a variety of other materials as well. This substance is extremely combustible and explosive, and many other items have these properties. Make sure drivers are informed of the nature of the products being transported at all times. In order to guarantee the security of certain products, specific drum handling equipment will be required.

Check the security of the whole building –

The first line of defence against accidents on the job is to have well-trained staff and adequate safety gear. Also, check that the building itself complies with all applicable safety standards before buying from Drum Handling Equipment Suppliers. This includes things like keeping an eye out for blind spots on the warehouse floor and making sure all equipment is serviced regularly.

How to Increase Safety in the Workplace

    Get rid of clutter and brighten up the space where you work. Workers need clear lines of sight and a work environment free of hazards that might cause them to lose their footing or fall.

    All employees should be given periodic manual handling training. All of the common manual handling situations seen in daily operations should be covered.

    Workplace injuries can be prevented with the use of risk assessments and the ensuing mitigation measures.

    Workers need to familiarise themselves with all risk assessments and make sure they’re following all SOPs (SOPs).

Where can I get the best drum handling tools?

Each mechanism for hoisting 55-gallon drums is built to handle a unique set of conditions. Consequently, you should carefully consider your options before settling on a 55-gallon drum handler.

However, a drum handling hand truck is the way to go if you merely need to move drums around. However, make sure the drum is firmly fastened in its location. Therefore, a pallet jack or pallet truck will not work.

Drum handling equipment attachments are also superior for minimising clutter. Overhead drum lifts also allow you to adjust the drums’ incline.


In today’s world, Drum Handling Equipment for Sale is essential in many fields, including the wastewater, chemical, and food and beverage sectors.

The 55-gallon drum is therefore the universal standard, although there are several sizes available. Even yet, specific tools are required for the secure handling of drums.

Drums are versatile and inexpensive containers. Therefore, proper care must be taken with them.