Nine Most Secure Apps Available on Play Store This Year


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There are so many apps on the Google Play Store that users are often overwhelmed as to which apps they should download. Even a single search of ‘browser’ results in a long list of apps from various developers that it is hard to choose one.

Secure Apps are Necessary

However, the more significant question is which apps from the Google Play Store are worth their salt? Of course, many apps look enticing enough to get on your phone. In this era of extreme internet scamming happening every time of the day globally, it is necessary to know which apps keep your data private and respect your privacy.

Since the internet has become part and parcel of our lives, the rates of cyber crimes and scams have significantly increased. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) 2022 report, the number of internet crimes and frauds, including privacy violations, hit a record high in 2021.

About 847,376 complaints were recorded by the IC3, which amounted to a loss of approximately $6.9 billion. The most common forms of such crimes included email scams and looting money from customers. One such example of charging undue money from customers is the AirG scam.

It happened a while ago wherein some subscribers of Vodafone were charged for a chat service unknowingly. However, AirG’s reality about amending the situation as soon as possible by reimbursing customers their money is an example for all businesses.  


Most Secure Apps on Google Play Store in 2022

We have devised this list to save you from the hassle and introduce you to the most secure apps available on Google Play Store. So, without further ado, let us dig in and discover.

1.      Brave Privacy Browser

It is one of the most secure browsers available on the Google Play Store. It is armed with built-in ad blockers that protect scammers from reaching out to you via deceiving ads. It also has a system to protect you from annoying pop-ups and third-party cookies that try to infiltrate your data and violate your privacy.

Additionally, this privacy browser also implements an HTTPS Everywhere extension, ensuring that all the websites you visit have secure connections. The best feature of this browser is its minimal user-friendly design and minimal memory space.

2.      Duolingo

If you nurture a love for learning different languages and have been searching for a secure app that does not compromise your data in various forms, Duolingo is the most suitable for you. It has small but very powerful and effective lessons that build up your vocabulary of any language.

The app has various levels that you get to pass gradually step-by-step as you practice and pass multiple quizzes. This app is constantly updated with different learning techniques for learning languages. You can learn Irish, Danish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and Swedish.

For all Klingon lovers, this app also supports Klingon!

3.      Copy Me That

Most of the cooking apps you come across offer a wide variety of recipes divided into several categories, such as vegetarian, Italian, Fast Food, etc. This “Copy Me That” app is different from other cooking apps.

Firstly, it lets you cook easy homemade meals quickly, which quickly become your top comfort foods. The best aspect of this app is its multipurpose tool that enables you to collect all the recipes that you like anywhere on the internet or invent yourself.

You can customize your collection with your photos of dishes that you whip up and organize into categories. Once saved in this app, you can revisit your collection of recipes any time you want. There is also a meal-planning feature that lets you categorize your recipes for upcoming meals in advance.

4.      Clue

This app falls into the health and fitness category and is the most secure app for females globally. This app has a beautiful minimalist design that tracks your period, predicts your next cycle, and provides information about your mood changes.

Clue is a great app that regards users’ privacy highly. It also helps you plan your pregnancy according to your fertile window and expected period date.

5.      Anchor

Anchor is another secure and free app available on Google Play Store that lets you record podcasts without expensive tools. It is easy to start this journey, especially if you do not have money to spend on high-end sound systems that are prerequisites for podcast recording.  

If you have this podcast recording app on your phone, you do not need anything else to record your podcasts. It also offers some fundamental editing tools for audio clips. Given the immense popularity of this app, the developers have also introduced a monetization program for creators.

6.      Snapseed

Snapseed is a fantastic picture editing app that is best at keeping your data private. It has many features that offer more control over editing and filters than Instagram. Snapseed users cannot get enough of its image editing controls and numerous filter options.

This app also enables users to create subsets of their editing options to allow for quick editing and image processing in the future.

7.      NoRoot Firewall

This firewall app is a must for every Android user in this era of widespread privacy violations. This app helps protect your personal data from leaking onto the internet by notifying you if any app is attempting to access your data across the internet.

It also provides the easiest solution to stop nosy apps from accessing your data by giving you an option to Allow or Deny.

8.      DuckDuckGo

Google and the word “searching” has become synonymous. People ‘google’ everything from dawn till dusk, and while that is very beneficial, Google collects an immense amount of personal data. If you want to continue searching like before but with more privacy options and limited data leaks, this private browser is the best available option on Google Play Store.

It has effective ad blocks that stop intrusive advertisements from reaching out and accessing your private information. This feature in DuckDuckGo is so effective that it lets you track who is tracking you. This browser in your phone also compels sites you are visiting to have an encrypted connection when possible. So, whether it is about maintaining your curly hair or anything about nail art, DuckDuckGo is the browser to have.  

9.      Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender mobile security app is the best Android antivirus that exists. It has the best reviews from the two most prominent research labs. The best feature of this app is that it completes your phone scan within seconds.

Additionally, Bitdefender mobile security offers phishing protection, integration with Android wearable gadgets, and powerful antitheft features.

Secure Apps are the Best

Secure Android apps are for continually using the internet safely. These Android apps enlisted above keep your data safe from online scammers and notify you about any intrusion. If you have a good experience with these secure apps, do suggest them to others you know so that everyone can be safe from internet scams and other frauds.