Know About the Syllabus of a Kuala Lumpur International School


A youngster who has turned 11 years old enters Key Stage 3, the third and final stage of schooling. This exciting period is a transition from childhood to young adulthood.

They continue to hone their intellectual and social capacities, opening up a world of new possibilities in terms of course material and style of instruction.

Teachers at this level impart knowledge about project management and offer help when needed. Elementary, middle, and Kuala lumpur international school students have equal access to the student government.

The third grade, or Key Stage 3, aims to prepare pupils for the International Baccalaureate Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

Formal assessment is conducted via integrated progress checkers, checkpoint exams after each key stage, and informal methods such as teacher feedback and peer editing. key stage 3 syllabus culminates with the children receiving grades (ranging from 1 to 8).

Core Subject Information of Kuala Lumpur International School

English, mathematics, and science are broken up into smaller sections studied at different times of the year. Each module focuses on a distinct subset of that subject and is designed to be engaging and motivating for students while facilitating the attainment of predetermined objectives.

See some key stage 3 syllabus examples of units and approaches to work below:

a. English

Right now, fiction and nonfiction are equally represented in the English language. Articles, reviews, persuasive texts, formal letters, character analyses, short stories, poetry, and the like are only some types of writings students learn to read and create.

Many cultures are represented in the works you use in the classroom. Students in Key Stage 3 can read and write fables or create an effective marketing strategy for a nonprofit. Students are urged to develop their short films, performances, and oral presentations independently and in groups.

b. Mathematics

In Mathematics, you strive to inspire and strengthen students’ mathematical abilities through real-world situations, relevant concepts, and rigorous theoretical study.

There is an emphasis on developing students’ abilities to articulate and justify their ideas orally and in writing.

Many important ideas, such as fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, and proportions, are addressed during this crucial period. An algebraic notation will be introduced to express concepts like formulas and functions.

They will develop skills in drawing and analyzing three-dimensional shapes, as well as solving distance and direction problems with the aid of bearings, in the study of geometry.

c. Science

At Kuala Lumpur International School, we emphasize the hands-on nature of science by providing students with numerous opportunities to conduct in-class and lab-based experiments under the watchful eye of our science teachers.

The instructor fosters critical thinking and reasoning skills and provides a structure for student-initiated research and discovery.

In key stage 3 syllabus, the teacher takes great care in teaching and managing routines, rules, and safety precautions. There are four main branches of study within the scientific discipline.

End note

These were some important key stage 3 subjects taught in the Kuala Lumpur international school. Students will be ready to progress to the next academic level with these subjects. They will complement this learning with some hands-on experience gained during field trips to put classroom learning into practice or add new insights.

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