iOS App Development Trends Developers Shouldn’t Miss!


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According to an estimation, more than 1 billion people are iPhone users worldwide. 

The figure denotes that the smartphone market has been stagnant during the past few years, and its popularity is still growing. 


Evidently, people are always at an arm’s distance from their smartphones since it comes in handy for all kinds of activities, from setting alarms to connecting with people. Not only this, but entertainment and gaming apps have a tremendous role to play in people’s lives. 

Undoubtedly, iPhone apps have acquired great popularity in the past few years and are well-known for offering solutions to anything in a jiffy. Therefore, it is precisely one of the reasons behind modern businesses opting for iPhone app development!

Now that you’ve become familiar with the fact that iOS plays a dominant role in the app industry, this article is for entrepreneurs looking forward to developing an efficient iPhone app. 

So, are you all set? 

iphone App Development Trends for 2022 and Beyond! 

Are you excited? Then, take a look! 

1. Augmented Reality

One of the technologies most compatible with smartphones is Augmented Reality, which enables viewing virtual objects in real surroundings. The tech is mainly used by fashion and jewelry applications as it enables customers to try products virtually. 

Additionally, AR is also integrated into gaming applications which enhances the overall customer experience when it comes to entertainment.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Without a doubt, Artificial Intelligence has changed the manner we use our mobile phones and is an intriguing factor for people to choose apps that are amalgamated with the same. 

For instance, it began with voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. These are designed to take vocal instructions and adhere to the same. 

3. Internet of Things

Are you familiar with the mechanism of smart homes or smart lights? 

It is a connection between devices using the internet, controlled using a dedicated smartphone application. For instance, the app can be used to unlock doors, adjust thermostat settings, etc., automatically. 

Incredible, right? 

Indeed, the mechanism is magical; therefore, now that IoT companies have realized the importance of the technology, they are developing robust products that add value to customers’ lives. 

4. 5G Technology

Modern applications must be compatible to work with 5G technology in order to acquire success and value in the near future. Therefore, there’s a rise in 5G connections, and its popularity is likely to grow with each passing day. 

5. Apple Pay

The world has gone cashless, and e-commerce apps are highly leveraging online payment gateways for added shopping convenience. 

What’s more? 

Apple Pay is a fine online payment app popularly known for its security and advanced payment mechanism in a single click. The icing on the cake is that card details are not required for every transaction. In fact, money can be sent right away contactlessly! 

6. Chatbots

Chatbots enable stimulating a human-like conversation that customers can not recognize the difference if a bot is responding. Additionally, chatbots respond instantly to the users, resolving their queries in a jiffy!

7. App Clips

Sometimes, iPhone users might not have space on their phones. So, is it possible to use an app without downloading the same? 

Fortunately, the latest technology has enabled the same with the help of App Clips, as it allows using a part of an app before downloading the entire version of the same. 

For better understanding, App Clips are known as the mini-app versions that are lightweight to use. Moreover, it comes with a trial period, which means if the app remains uninstalled for more than 30 days, it gets deleted from the phone automatically. 

8. Cloud Storage

For storing data in bulk, cloud-based apps are most effective for backing up files. For instance, developers can now store the complete app data in iCloud, which also enables hassle-free sharing, real-time syncing, authentication, and more. 

In a Nutshell  

Modern tools and technologies, when leveraged with iPhone apps, will present an interesting outcome. Therefore, if you’re intrigued and want to develop an iOS app for your business, connect with an efficient iPhone app development company for further assistance.

Have a great day!