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A Detailed Guide About How To Refresh Curls With 3 Different Ways

How To Refresh Curls

Curls must be shaped according to a specific regimen if you want them to stay springy. However, keep in mind that you must resist the urge to wash your curls the moment spring springs. We can help you how to refresh curls with a product that will bring back the bounce and definition to your ringlets without damaging your curls or scalp. 

However, you will still need to shampoo eventually, which is of the utmost importance. It follows that shampooing is not the enemy-but over-shampooing is, mainly since there are numerous ways to refresh without a complete wash. What is the best way to refresh curly hair? Carlos Arriola, from Mexico City, is our editorial hairstylist for that project. As if his work experience and portfolio weren’t enough endorsements of his expertise, Arriola also has long, luscious curls and knows how to refresh curls.

Refresh Curls

Refreshing curls can be a lifesaver for those with curly hair who want to revive their curls in between washes. This process involves using a combination of products and techniques to revive and reshape curls without completely washing and restyling the hair.

One popular method is to use a leave-in conditioner or curl refresh spray, scrunching it into the hair to add moisture and definition to the curls. Another option is to use a curl refresh gel or mousse, which can help to reshape and hold the curls in place.

Some people also use a technique called “plopping,” where they wrap their hair in a t-shirt or microfiber towel to encourage the curls to form and hold their shape. Regardless of the method used, refreshing curls can help to restore the bounce and vitality of curly hair and keep it looking fabulous even on days when a full wash and style aren’t possible.

3 different ways how to refresh Curls?

All of us want bouncy and frizz-free hair that’s full of life. Having a great hair day contributes a lot to our self-confidence. Our perfectly styled curls can sometimes deceive us in the morning, especially when they look misshapen or limp when we get up! If only curly hair types could have great hair days every day, wouldn’t that be magical? But despite the magic, every head of curls is different. Don’t worry, because there are tried and tested ways to refresh your tresses and make them bouncy again! Here are our favorite ways to restore curly hair.

1.     Make your curly hair smooth with your fingers.

The best way to keep your curls looking fresh is to apply a leave-in conditioner to the hair first. Once you’ve done that, you should use gel to style sections of your hair. Your old curls can remain in place with hair gel and maintain their style.

Rub your hands together and apply a small amount of gel. It is recommended that you use BN Control Curl Sculpting Gel for situations like this. Don’t run your fingers through it. Ease it on the sections of your hair. After that, scrunch your hair well and let it dry. Using a diffuser in a relaxed environment helps you see results faster. (If you don’t know what scrunching is, it’s the act of holding your hair in a section and crumpling it).

2.     Curly hair should be sprayed with water.

You can use this method with fewer tangles and just a little limp hair! Sprinkle a moderate amount of water evenly on your hair after filling a spray bottle with water. A few drops of oil, curl cream, or gel can be added, or you can put a spoonful of your favorite conditioner. Mixing conditioner with water is a great way to refresh dry, curly hair.

It is imperative to spray aqua on your hair when adding many styling products. Furthermore, you can reactivate the products you used on your previous wash day with just a quick spritz. When you’re finished spraying your hair, you should take a small amount of styling product in your hand and evenly spread it over your hair without rubbing it with your fingers. When you’re finished scrunching your hair, flip your head down!

3.     Use natural hair care products to make finger coils.

Curls that look rigid or out of place may benefit from finger coils. Your favorite styling product can be applied to your circles. Twirl each strand around your finger. Oil, gel, or serum can be used. Our styling gel products are designed specifically for smoothing, defining, and controlling curls in different styles. Afterward, scrunch your hair and let the curls air dry.

When do curls need to be refreshed?

Depending on the person, they may need a curl refresh more frequently than others. Arriola says the best way to tell when curls have started to develop frizz and become less defined would be when they grow unwanted frizz. It could be the second day or the fifth day between washes, and it could be due to the season, the environment around you, or the products you are using. It is easy to read the signs: When curls lack volume and vibrancy, they usually need a refresh.

It is worth noting that typically the tighter the curl, the longer they can last without a wash (assuming they are adequately hydrated and cared for), which means there is more space in their routine for curl refreshing methods.

The products for reviving your curls best.

Many products exist for curl refreshers, and the one you use depends on the type of hair you have and the amount of oil your hair produces. Arriola emphasizes that what’s most important is that you shop for all kinds of hair refreshers that work for your hair type rather than sticking to one type only (sprays, oils, kinds of milk, dry shampoos, or creams).

Curl reactivating spray: 

Arreola’s favorite method for refreshing her curls is a curl reactivating spray. “These products won’t make your curls crunchy, and you only need a few sprays to revivify your hair,” he says. It’s not uncommon for them to moonlight as curl detangles, too.

Using anti-humidity, frizz-fighting oils: 

On curly clients is also a common practice because they absorb quickly into hairs, leaving them defined, shiny, and full of body.

Shampoos for dry scalp: 

Dry shampoo is a solution for refreshing overly oily scalps as frizzing and dryness often impact hair ends, while sebum can build up at the roots. Just a light application may be enough to absorb that oil at the base, lifting your hair and giving it more volume.

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To prevent stripping your curls of moisture, space out your wash days and refresh them without a shower. Based on how oily or dry your hair is, you will need to wash versus refresh your curls. During your journey to perfecting your curly hair routine, follow Arriola’s tips on refreshing your curls.


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