How To Protect Your Data Before sending it to a Phone Repair Store?


What if your smartphone falls into the wrong hands? All your sensitive data like bank cards or passwords are being saved on your phone. Thus, the phone falling into the wrong hands means all the data. Personal data can be misused or more stolen. So, what should the users do? How should they protect the data when sending their smartphones for repair to a phone repair store? Let’s have a look.

Ways to Protect the Data Before Sending it to a Cell Phone Repair Store.

When sending your smartphone to a phone repair store like SD Cell Plus, follow the following steps to ensure data protection.

Create a smartphone data backup .

An accidental slip or water damage can cause your smartphone to malfunction at any point in time. No one knows what kind of repair you will need and when. Therefore, creating a data backup for your smartphone is always necessary. Because once the data is lost, it cannot be retrieved no matter how many phone repair stores you visit. 

Ways to create a smartphone backup

There are various ways one can create a backup.

  • Go to settings and manually select the files and create data.
  • Use third-party software or a USB port to transfer the data. You can also upload your data on a flash or hard drive.
  • Cloud services are also available where one doesn’t have to worry about securing external devices. Some available options in the market are dropbox, google drive, etc.

After securing your data using any of the above methods, the users can send their smartphones to a phone repair store like SD Cell Plus.

Log out from all the social media accounts.

Another vital thing to do before sending your cell phone to a cell phone repair store in Murfreesboro is to delete all your passwords from social media accounts. It is best to log out from Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, etc., so that no outsider can access it and hack the personal data.

Remove the Sim card and external memory card from the smartphone

Don’t forget to remove the sim card and External SD card, which contains all the essential data and contacts. This way, nobody can access the contacts and personnel data; thus, the idea of data getting stolen becomes obsolete.

Thus, following these instructions and saving the data is essential before sending your smartphone for repair at a cell phone repair center. This backup will help you not lose your data. Apart from that, there are many scenarios where one needs to open their smartphone’s lock for the technician as it becomes an essential requirement to get their gadget fixed. Thus, many phone repair store ask their customers to delete the data before sending it to a cell phone repair center. So if you are clueless about securing the data, then the above-mentioned guide is also essential for you.