How to List on MLS in Colorado?


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    If you stay in Colorado Springs and want to sell your house, you need to list your house on the MLS. The word MLS means Multiple Listing Services. It refers to a database of properties for sale that is maintained for different areas. You must know there are multiple MLS. You need to list your house on the local MLS.

    Listing your house on the MLS ensures sellers and real estate agents can see it. This increases the chance of making a sale. Listing on the MLS is essential to sell your house and get the best deal possible.

    If you are planning to list your MLS in Colorado, then our guide will help you.

    The two ways to list on MLS in Colorado

    There are two ways to list your house on MLS. One is through an agent and the other is using flat fee MLS Colorado Springs services.

    1. List through a real estate agent

    As a seller, you cannot list your home on the MLS directly. You need to go through a real estate agent. You need to find an agent in Colorado who will help you list your house on the MLS. For this service, the listing agent would charge you a commission of around 2.5% to 3% on the sale price. This is a big amount and you may wonder whether if you can save on this money. Our next option will tell you how to save on the commission amount.

    2. Flat fee MLS

    A flat fee MLS listing Colorado company would help you list your house on the MLS. As the name suggests, they would charge a flat fee from you for the listing. The biggest benefit of a flat fee MLS listing is that you don’t have to pay the listing agent’s commission. The listing will help you sell your house easily and save a lot of money in the process.

    Top Colorado MLS listing companies

    1. Houzeo

    Houzeo reviews by customers have a rating of 4.9/5, which is a clear indication of how good the company is. The reviews by customers tell you that customers are happy with the services and the 5-star support offered by Houzeo. This is why you should consider Houzeo to list your house on the MLS while saving money.

    Houzeo is a technology company that gives you technology solutions through its website and mobile app. Their Intellilist technology makes the process of listing easy and user-friendly. You can list your house by paying a flat fee of $349. By paying the flat fee, not only is your house listed on MLS but also on other popular websites like Redfin, Zillow, Trulia, etc.

    You will end up saving money on commission. But if the process of selling your house looks daunting, don’t worry. You can use the optional services offered by Houzeo. These services can be available based on the services you need. You can get excellent support from Houzeo, which is a nationwide tech company. The 100% online process makes it fast and convenient to use.

    2. ByOwner Flat Fee MLS

    This company that operates out of Colorado is known for offering competitive packages to help you list your house on MLS. They have three different packages. The package pricing is $99, $149, and $188. Each package has specific services on offer. You can choose the package based on the services you need.

    When you list with them, your house listing will be syndicated to other websites like Zillow and The problem with this company is that there are hidden charges. You may have to pay 0.25% of the sale price, which can be a sizable amount. There are also no credible reviews and customer ratings of this company to be found online. They do not offer à la carte services, which can be a problem.

    3. List with Freedom

    This company has packages that start at $89 and go on to $295. The packages differ based on the listing frequency, the number of photos you can add, and other services. There are many other services that this company offers. But they charge extra for them. The company has a customer rating of 4.6/5 from more than 1,400 reviews, which is quite good

    However, they have a hidden fee. The fee is 0.1% of the sale price, which needs to be paid for the MLS listing. This increases the amount you need to pay. Also, their basic package offers no support. This can be a problem for novice sellers who may need support. This company’s services are best suited for sellers who are experienced in the real estate market. Want to learn more about them? Check out List with Freedom Reviews.

    4. Home Savings Realty

    This company based in Colorado is known for offering good service to customers. They have a rating of 4/5 from around 20 reviews. The customers seem to be happy with their MLS listing service. Home Savings Realty has a flat fee model where they charge $399 for an MLS listing. They also have other plans that go up to $699.

    A problem with this company is that they charge 0.25% of the sale price as a closing fee. When you compare with Houzeo, they offer the same flat rate but have no other hidden charges like the closing fee or convenience fee. They also charge $500 if you use their assistance for the contract. Their listing covers only the major MLS in Colorado

    5. Flat Fee Group

    This real estate company offers various packages. These include flat fee MLS listing as well as full-service plans. Customers can choose the plan based on the services they need. The basic package starts at $399. They offer document reviews and closing assistance for the advanced package.

    A downside to their service is they charge 0.5% or $1500 as a closing fee, which is a bit expensive. They do not have the technology and their processes are manual and time-consuming. There are no reviews and customer ratings of this company. They allow you a local agent in Colorado and you may keep receiving sales calls from agents.