How to get Australia PR from India in 2023?


Are you an aspiring Indian national intending to know how to get Australia PR from India? Australia has recently increased its annual allocation of PR Visas to 195,000 from the previous 160,000. It thus expands the opportunities for skilled workers and professionals in India to obtain an Australian PR Visa. We have here outlined the process to Apply for Australia PR from India to make things easier for you:  

Confirm if you qualify

In the first step, you have to confirm if your occupation is included in the Skilled Occupation List or any Occupation List as per the Department of Home Affairs. It is important to ensure that your occupation is included in any of the Occupation Lists for application under the General Skilled Immigration Program.

If your occupation is not included in any list, then you cannot apply for Australia PR Visa under GSM. Now, this may be tricky for many aspiring immigration candidates. They can obtain assistance from Immigration Experts to help them out.

Skills Assessment

In the next step, you have to obtain an affirmative assessment of your skills. It is also referred to as recognition or validation of your career. You have to first identify the authority that assesses your specified occupation.

Every occupation has its individual authority for the assessment of skills. Further, every authority also has its specific criteria for approval of your assessment of skills. These include proficiency in the English language at a specific level, qualifications, work experience, etc.

Thus, it is important that you become familiar with the authority for the assessment of skills for your occupation. You must then determine their requirements even prior to planning for your PR Visa application.

Points Test

GSM includes three categories of Visas: Subclass 189, Subclass 190, and Subclass 491 Visa. All the 3 categories have individual criteria and a points test implying that applicants secure specific minimum points. It assists the DHA to determine the attributes and skills of the applicants and select the best.

You have to obtain at least 65 points to become eligible to file an EOI – Expression of Interest for any of the 3 Subclass Visas. The allocation of points is according to the following factors:

·         Academic Qualifications

·         Age

·         Proficiency in English

·         Work Experience

·         Study in Australia’s Low Population Areas

·         Study in Australia

·         Skilled Spouse

·         Obtained accreditation in Australia as another language translator 

·         Professional Year

·         Single Applicants

·         Sponsorship /Nomination from an Australian State

English Test

You will have to offer proof of having proficiency in the English language at least at the competent level. It implies a band score of 6 in every component of the English language. You can demonstrate proficiency by appearing for an authorized test for the English language. These include IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, and Cambridge.

Demonstrating proficiency in the English language is a crucial selection factor for an Australia PR Visa application. Moreover, if you require higher than 65 points to receive an invite under Skill Select, you can do so by increasing your test score in English. You will receive 10 points if you obtain 7 bands in each component of language under IELTS. For 8 bands you will get 20 points.

Expression of Interest

You cannot file an application for the Australia PR Visa only if you qualify. You must have been offered an invitation by the DHA for any of the 3 Subclass Visas. It includes the Federal, Territorial, and State Governments.

For receiving the invitation you will have to submit an Expression of Interest – EOI under Skill Select. It is a system that chooses applicants automatically based on their rankings under the points test. This is the reason you have to aim to secure higher than 65 points if you wish to obtain the Subclass 189 Visa. It is because of the very high competition for this Visa.

PR Visa Application

You have to prepare to submit the application for Australia PR Visa after you receive the invitation through Skill Select. It requires you to collate proof for all your claims at the stage of the points test and EOI. It is important to submit all the documents and evidence in the accurate and specified format as failure to do so imply application refusal.

If you wish to apply for Australia PR from India the best option is to obtain assistance from Immigration Experts at Nationwide Visas. The application and documentation process is intricate and even a minor error can be disastrous for your application process.

We have experience of 15 plus years in the immigration sector equipping us with the expertise and knowledge to identify even minor errors or lapses in the application. Our Experts are well aware of the legal and process requirements and will advise you on the best Subclass Visa for your profile.