How long will it take to complete the ca exam test series?


Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Jawad Ali

Until now, every student planning to attempt the CA exam would go over the platform of the choice where they would be attempting the test series. They would upload the answer sheets and then wait 2 to 3 days to get their results. Now, in these two to three days, the student loses motivation and enthusiasm and forgets why they wrote the answer. Even if they can see the question, the answer they wrote, and the feedback they got, the whole thing does not click together and does not help them improve.

One more thing that they have found from the survey is that once a student has given their test, they feel hesitant to give one more because they feel that since on every platform, they have a limited number of chances to do mock test series, they sense that it is more helpful to wait for the feedback so that you can enhance upon it and then give a new mock paper but what learners don’t recognize that in all of this waiting they are failing treasured time. The time they could be used to study to prepare for the most extensive exams of their life gives more CA test series and revise their concepts.

How much time it takes

CA Exam Test Series has reached extreme quality. They don’t want you to go through all that, so you have come up with that you can get your Test Series evaluated within 99 minutes! Yes, that’s correct! 99 minutes! It is faster than anybody out there. At CA Exam Series, they want to provide a platform for CA aspirants that will not only help them clear the CA exam but also change their perspective on it. Their goal is to help students overcome their anxiety about the presentation, studying, revising, and giving the paper by providing them with the proper planning in the form of a comprehensive evaluation.

Test paper type

Despite the lightning-speed evaluation CA Exam test Series holds so much more additional to suggest. When we talk about the mock test series, a student will get not only the Full Syllabus Test Series for the CA inter, CA foundation, and CA final exam but also the Individual Chapter Wise Test Series so that they can have a strong hold over the concepts of each chapter for every subject of every level. The student also has a feature of Scheduled and Unscheduled test papers, which means that they can either give test papers along with everybody and stay on track with their preparation, or they can download all the test papers and prepare at their speed and give mock at their feasibility.

How much will get percentage result?

Now, if you think that’s all, the online site has a cherry on top for you. With the CA exam test series, you can revise the entire syllabus of each subject three times. In the end, they would like to give you some numbers CA exam test series had 88.9% positive results in the previous ICAI exam. Not just that, 60 to 70% of questions you get in the ICAI exam are similar to the ones you would have already solved in the mock test series. Here’s a final number, you can get up to 65% off if you join CA Exam Test Series today by applying code CA65. So, preserve that particular time and join CA Exam Test Series as soon as possible.