Gmail vs Godaddy Mail Which is Better?


Whether you’re experiencing a bounce rate from hell or just want to switch to a reliable email provider, the real question is Gmail vs Godaddy Mail. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Godaddy mail, it’s an alternative email hosting service provided by GoDaddy. They offer other services as well such as hosting and domain registration. One of their main selling points is claiming they have higher deliverability rates.


Gmail has many features that help you stay organized and find what you are looking for quickly. It has the ability to create different folders and labels, which allow you to organize your emails into different categories. This can be helpful if you have a lot of emails coming in each day or if you have a lot of different topics that require different types of emails handled separately. Gmail also allows you to star important emails so that they stand out from other messages in your inbox.

Godaddy mail does not offer any features like these because it is not as advanced as Gmail when it comes to organizing your messages. However, Godaddy mail does offer some useful features such as being able to send attachments with your messages, which is not available with Gmail unless you upgrade your account with Google Drive storage space.


When it comes to security, both Gmail and Godaddy email login are quite good. Both of them offer two-step authentication for enhanced security. The only difference between these two providers is that while Gmail uses TLS encryption protocol for sending emails, Godaddy does not do so. However, this does not mean that Godaddy offers less secure email hosting services than Gmail does; it only means that emails sent from Gmail are encrypted at all times while those sent from Godaddy are encrypted only when they reach their destination.

Attachment size limit:

Gmail has an attachment size limit of 25MB while Godaddy mail has no limit on the size of attachments, so you can send large files without any hassle.

Customizable Spam Filters:

You can set rules that will help you automatically classify emails into various folders based on their content or sender address etc., this feature helps you sort out your inbox from time to time and keep only important emails in your inbox folder. You can also create custom filters for specific emails which you want to group together and move them into another folder automatically when they arrive in your inbox folder. This feature makes sure that all your important emails remain visible in your inbox folder at all times and do not get lost in between other emails that are less important than them but were sent from the same sender or have the same content. You can also configure your Gmail account to automatically delete emails that are older than a certain period of time (for example, emails older than two months), which will help you keep your inbox folder clean and tidy at all times.

Pros of Godaddy:

Godaddy Mail has no limits on storage space or the number of emails per day (like Gmail).

You can send up to 10GB attachments in an email without paying extra fees.

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