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Earth science that is also termed as geoscience refers to the scientific study of planet Earth. The physical structure of the earth and its climate are studied by this branch of science. Earth Science is the study of the physical characteristic of the earth such as fossils, earthquakes, showers, surges, etc.  Earth Science includes the four fundamental branches of study. Earth science also includes the study of neighboring planets.     

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The Importance of Earth Science

For example, meteorologists provide information about climate, hydrologists focus on the study of water, and caution of surges. Geologists think about rock and extract valuable minerals.       

Earth science incorporates the study of geography, and lithosphere structure of the earth’s inside, air, hydrosphere, and biosphere. There are different atmospheric conditions are addressed in the study of earth science. There are four basic areas of earth science geology, meteorology, oceanology, and astronomy. 

There are various challenges faced by earth scientists. They recognize the problems and efforts to resolve them. The study of earth science plays an important role in various fields such as developing new sources of energy, finding the sources of minerals and metals, determining the impact of increasing population on earth, and informing avoid serious threats like earthquakes, landslides, flood, and many more.     

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