Issues with Spectrum Email, Here are the Solutions.


An American telecommunication firm Charter communication launched the Spectrum email service in the year 2014 with more impeccable features that has gained immense popularity in the USA. Millions of users rely on this fantastic emailing platform for their regular communication. 

However, spectrum email service can not be said flawless as users often complaint about spectrum email not working issue

That’s why when spectrum email is not working issue arises for the users, they get stirred and look for a proper solution to fix the problem.

If you are one of them, then you are at the right place in this article we will let you know all about the Spectrum Email service issues and their appropriate solutions.

Some Common Spectrum Email Login Issues

Here is some common issue that is associated with Spectrum email not working. 

  • Sending or receiving emails is stopped.
  • Spectrum email unable to load
  • Perhaps, you have forgotten your password
  • Bouncing back of emails occurs.
  • Server error may be the common cause of spectrum email not working issue.
  • Unable to login into your spectrum email account.
  • Unwanted emails are received while desired emails are not.

All of the above counted under the spectrum email not working issue.

Causes of Spectrum Email not Working Issue.

There may be several reasons for issues with spectrum email not working.

  • Incompatible server settings may be the cause of this issue.
  • Incorrect login credentials are entered.
  • Poor internet connectivity
  • Browser extensions or antivirus installed on your device may obstruct
  • The obsolete or outdated browser may be the culprit of the issue
  • Changing location or device may cause spectrum email not working issue.

We have discussed all the reasons behind the issue.

Now we are all set to know the proper solution to this problem

How to Fix  Spectrum Email, Not Working Issue.

Let’s start with the steps

Check your internet connectivity

Make sure your internet connection is working correctly. The speed of the internet is good. If you are using wi-fi, you need to turn it off and again turn it on. Speed of the internet may increase and you will be able to upload spectrum email.

Incorrect server setting 

Your internet is running smoothly move to the next. Before moving to advanced settings, you need to check server settings from spectrum mail as it is the root of this issue spectrum email not working. Ensure there is not any issue from the end of charter inc. 

You can move to check server settings

  • You can set IMAP server settings for spectrum email
  • Set receiving or sending mail server as mobile
  • Now set your port to 993

Inactivate the antivirus 

 Sometimes this antivirus may restrict the Spectrum email service to send or receive emails. You need to inactivate it temporarily to get rid of the spectrum email not working issue.

Update your Spectrum Email application

Spectrum email might not work due to the outdated email application you are using in your device. You need to update your Spectrum Email application from time to time to make your spectrum email work properly.

Retrieve your Username or Password

Usually, this problem occurs due to an incorrect user id or password has entered. Maybe you have entered the wrong password or user id. If you have forgotten your password, then you can retrieve your password and reset your Username or Password.

Turn off VPN 

One, more thing that matters is that you are utilizing VPN on your device which may prohibit accessing of spectrum email. Turn it off for smooth running.

Spectrum Email App for iPhone

If spectrum email is not working on your iphone you need to delete your spectrum email account and reinstall the updated version of the Spectrum email app on Iphone.

Spectrum Email Settings for Android

If you are using android then you need Spectrum email settings for android, 

From the settings button, you can delete your previous Spectrum email account and reinstall it, and log in again on your android phone to get rid of this issue.

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