Email Marketing Tips: Do’s and Don’ts


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In today’s modern era, businesses have switched to digital, starting from building an online store, doing online advertising, and creating digital marketing strategies. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to gain more customers and increase conversion sales.

Although this method may feel old-fashioned but has tremendous power to help companies sell more of their products. In addition, it also gives a personal touch and is only sent to those who want and allow to receive emails. 

However, if email marketing is done incorrectly, it will make the target consumer lazy to open and end up unsubscribing your emails. 

As a result, this will bring a negative impact on your business. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the dos and don’ts of email marketing to get your business to succeed.

The Do’s of Email Marketing

Successful email marketing is when your target customers take the desired action and give a response to your email. Here’s what you should do in your email marketing strategy:

1. Do’s Create an Eye-Catching Subject Line

The email subject is an entry point where it becomes a determinant for your recipients to open your email or ignore it. Therefore, you need to make the email subject as attractive as possible. 

The critical point lies in the unique structure of words that encourage customers to open it. Moreover, you can also add a few things to make your email subject eye-catching and increase open rates:

  • Add emoji in your subject line
  • Personalize email subject, so customers feel special
  • Short and exciting descriptive sentences
  • Avoid trigger words

2. Do’s Segment Your Email Lists

An email list is a list of emails or personal consumer data you target for marketing. After getting an email list, you can segment the email list to sort out the list of potential customers according to specific criteria. 

It aims to help the campaigns run effectively and get higher conversions. So, how to divide the email list into the right segments? Here are the segment criteria that you can use for customer segmentation:

  • New subscribers
  • Blog subscribers
  • Specific location

3. Do’s Optimize Your Email for Mobile 

It turns out that more than 50% of recipients open emails via mobile devices. If the design of the email you sent is unresponsive, it could be that the design is truncated and the information received is incomplete.

Thus, try to design an email that can be used by mobile and desktop users so that when both users open your email from a smartphone or laptop, it will look responsive and fast to access. That way, your customers will have a good experience.  

The Don’ts of Email Marketing

Despite being an effective medium for conducting digital marketing, many people still make mistakes when sending email marketing to their target consumers. Therefore, it is essential to avoid any errors. Here are some mistakes you should avoid:

1. Don’t Forget to Include a CTA

Marketers must be able to attract readers through compelling email calls to action, which helps maximize marketing strategies. A call to action is an instruction to encourage website visitors to take the desired action, such as subscribing to emails.

You can also include CTA at the end of your product videos. Thus, pay attention to the place of the sentence or the CTA button so that it attracts potential customers’ attention and does not interfere with the experience of your website visitors. 

2. Don’t Buy or Sell Email List.

Buying or Selling email lists can be risky because it contains irrelevant audiences of your business goals. How do you think they will react when they mysteriously get an email from your company? 

Most people will be more likely to be disturbed when they receive an unknown or undesired email. They can mark your email as spam or, even worse, by giving bad reviews about your company on social media. 

It will make the email marketing done in vain because the offers or content you send to those who are not even interested in your business so that your email will not be opened and abandoned in spam. 

Thus, avoid buying or selling email lists. Instead, you can create an organic email list. 


Marketing using email has become one of the favorite methods of many businesses these days. By using email marketing, the business marketing process can improve and bring benefits to your business.

However, email marketing mistakes can cause losses for your business. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the dos and don’ts of email marketing mentioned above which will help your email marketing run successfully.

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