Difference Between Foam Packaging and Bubble Wrap Packaging


Packaging materials are of different types. They are meant for packing different types of items, as each item demands different protection. So, all the packaging supplies come with some specific characteristics. Whatever the characteristics may be, the main goal of these packaging products is to protect the items from all potential damage till they reach their destination. Sometimes we tend to get confused between two packaging products which come with similar characteristics and serve similar purposes. Foam packaging and bubble wrap rolls/packaging are two most important packaging products that are similar in characteristics and somewhat share the similar purposes when it comes to pack a fragile, delicate and luxurious item.

In this article we shall be looking at the difference between bubble wrap and foam packaging. Both the materials are used to pack fragile and delicate items, such as mirror, chinaware, glassware, delicate showpieces, electronic devices, wooden furniture, photo frames and so on. If you are someone who is searching for either of these materials, you can easily get them from the nearby stores selling packaging materials, or you can get it for free from different retail stores, especially the ones selling fragile items or from different websites that provide used yet good quality packaging products for free.

There are different eCommerce websites, such as Globe Packaging and so on, where you will get different types of good quality packaging products, such as cardboard boxes, mailing bags, foam peanuts, strong packing tape, polystyrene corner protection and so on.

Let Us Now Have A Look at The Difference Between Foam Packaging and Bubble Wrap Packaging.

Foam Packaging

If we look at the structure of the foam packaging, it is dense, yet lightweight in nature. It is made up of different types of polymers such as latex, plastic and rubber. It is one of the packaging materials that absorbs shock and impact, thus, preventing the items from abrasion. Not only that, it provides structural support to the item during shipping.

It is available in a wide range of formats and is one of the most versatile packaging products available in the market. Basically, the foam rolls are long, thin and malleable and thus, you can use it to wrap an item, use it as a layer between items and also use it as underlay cushioning for wood floors. It is used for packing all types of fragile and delicate items, including electronic devices. It is soft, smooth, cohesive and adhesive in nature. Anti-static foam rolls are available in pink colour.

Bubble Wrap Packaging

Just like the foam packaging, bubble wrap is also used for packing fragile, delicate, luxurious and breakable items. It is mainly available in three types. Small bubble wrap is used for packing small items, large one for packing large items and anti-static bubble wrap is used for packing electronic devices. It is a type of packaging material in which air is trapped in the shape of bubble cells between the two layers of plastic. The air bubbles of the bubble wraps act as a cushion for the fragile and delicate items.

There is a particular way to use this packaging supply while wrapping the item with it. You need to spread the sheet on the flat and clean surface and then put the item on it and wrap it properly. The side containing the air bubbles must face outward. It is then only they will protect the item from shock and vibration by acting as cushions. It also prevents the item from pressure and collision. Just as the foam roll, the anti-static bubble wrap roll is also available in pink colour.

These days, eco-friendly bubble wraps are also available in the market. Different types of jewellery, glassware, artwork, mirrors, furniture items and so on are wrapped with bubble wraps. Just like the foam packaging, it is also cohesive and adhesive in nature. You can cut it into different shapes and sizes, thus, further making it versatile and flexible in nature.

Summing Up

These are some of the differences between the foam packaging and bubble wrap packaging. You can use any of these packaging supplies for your fragile items as per your needs and convenience. These protective packaging are highly useful for different types of items as they keep them safe during transit.