Comfast Extender WiFi Keeps Cutting Out – Quick Fixes


A common complaint from those who have invested in a Comfast extender is that their WiFi connection often keeps cutting out. You’ve stumbled into the perfect topic if you’re having the same issue with your Comfast WiFi repeater and have looked elsewhere for a fix without success.

We’ve covered several potential solutions to the Comfast extender’s WiFi keeps cutting out problem. Before delving into troubleshooting, make sure that you have successfully installed the Comfast WiFi extender.

Fixed: Comfast Extender WiFi Keeps Cutting Out

  1. Reboot Your Comfast Extender

It’s possible that the issue is due to a technical flaw in your gadget. You may see whether restarting the extender helps by doing so.

FYI, rebooting any WiFi gadget includes cutting off all connections, switching it off, giving it rest for some time, and switching it on. And yes, don’t forget to redo the connections. Now, check if the issue you were facing is still thumbing its nose at you. If yes, here’s the next thing that needs to be done.

  1. Upgrade the Firmware

Comfast range extender WiFi drops can be fixed by updating the range extender’s firmware to the most current version. Simply log in to your Comfast WiFi extender and your WiFi device’s firmware will automatically be updated as soon as you click the Upgrade firmware option.

Before changing the firmware on your Comfast extender, be sure to jot down the model number. This implies that if you install the wrong firmware on your WiFi range extender, it may stop functioning.

  1. Make Sure that Cables are Securely Connected

If your router and extender aren’t correctly connected, you may also run into the annoying problem of the Comfast extender keeps cutting out.

If you’ve used an Ethernet cable to link your gadgets, double-check that it’s undamaged and completely uncut. If a damaged cable is detected, it may be easily replaced and your devices can be reconnected. If you don’t have an Ethernet connection handy, you can still get your Comfast extender and home WiFi network up and running by connecting them wirelessly.

  1. Change the Extender’s Location

Moving your extender might be the answer to your present dilemma. That’s not a misprint. If your extender is located near sources of radio waves, it may not be getting the proper signals from the host router. Keep the range extender near the router and away from potential sources of interference, such as other electronic devices and metal objects.

If your Comfast extender still keeps disconnecting and you have exhausted all other troubleshooting steps, it’s time to change the Comfast login password.

  1. Alter the Login Password

Did you alter the password for your extender after setting it? No? Then you should go to it right now. Changing the password requires logging in to your device using the credentials you use to access the Comfast WiFi extender.

Choose a password that will be hard to guess yet easy to remember. Passwords that include unusual characters are more secure and easy to remember.

  1. Switch to a Different WiFi Channel

Changing your WiFi channel from the one you’re currently using to one that sees less traffic can also help you get rid of the issue.

In order to switch the channel on the extender, just go to the dashboard and find the settings menu. The WiFi channel may be changed if desired. Find a less crowded channel.


After implementing all these hacks, if the issue is still not ready to spare you, try resetting your extender to factory settings and installing it again via the Comfast IP address.

It’s possible that you only properly specified some of the range extender’s settings, thus it’s best to double-check. Check for lag-free playback of your chosen videos when streaming after the operation is finished. It is hoped that your Comfast extender’s WiFi dropping issue will be fixed after trying the techniques provided in the article. To express your opinions, please use the comments area.