Best Treks to do in Winter in India


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    As the sun shines over the white fur on the mountains which reflects all the light making them glow like a chandelier is a view most people are looking for when they think about winter treks in India.

    Exploring more of such winter beauty in India, the following is the list of best treks to do in the winter season in India.

    1- Kuari Pass

    Auli is where the Kuari Pass Trek begins. One of the most popular winter treks is the Kuari Pass trek, which is located in the Biosphere Reserve called Nanda Devi.The breathtaking journey takes you by magnificent views of the Garhwal bugyals. Some of the breathtaking campsites on this walk, like Gorson, Chitrakantha, and Khullara, serve as its main draws.

    The 6-day Kuari Pass trek is categorised as moderate but the steady rise along the route increases the challenge. When the temperature drops below zero at night, the daily incline becomes considerably more difficult.

    2- KedarKantha Trek

    Starting site for the Kedarkantha Trail trek to the Garhwal Himalayan Mountains is Sankri. Kedarkantha trek is a good choice if the thought of snow trekking appeals to you. From December through April, the Sankri trail is typically blanketed with new winter snow, making it possible for even the most serious procrastinators to fit it into their schedules. 

    The gorgeous campsites along the way, like Juda Ka Talab, add to the allure of being on this trail, and you gain over 2000 feet of elevation each day. The first day of the walk begins at an elevation of 6000 feet, and the following few days are spent steadily climbing. It’s a six-day test of your body’s core strength.

    3- Sandakphu – Phalut Trek

    Experience the Sandakphu – Phalut Trek, considered the pinnacle of Indian trekking. You can travel a beautiful path between India and Nepal on the Sandakphu Phalut trail. At a distance, Makalu, Everest, and Lhotse, three well-known Himalayan peaks, may be seen. The view of the Sleeping Buddha on a horizon is completed by the commanding presence of Kanchenjunga in the distance.

    The Sandakphu Phalut trail is a reasonably challenging hike, and the key to completing it is to walk considerable distances every day. On this seven-day walk, hikers cover an average of more than 10 kilometres per day, including 21 kilometres on day five.

    4- Brahmatal Trek

    The Brahmatal Trek starts at Lohajung, so take advantage of this winter’s best features. Since Brahmatal is an easily accessible trek in the country during January and February, it has special places in the list. Rhododendrons along the trail bloom in scarlet and pink in March and April. Trekkers have the best view of the beautiful Mt. Trishul and Nanda Ghunti at the Brahmatal peak.

    It is a six-day moderate-level journey that many first-timers have undertaken.

    5- Har ki Dun

    Sankri is where the Har Ki Dun Trek begins. The Har Ki Dun trail updates Indian mythology by leading hikers along the path taken by the Pandavas as they made their way to paradise. The River Supin leads trekkers to the Har Ki Dun valley.

    The beauty of this trail is enhanced by the breathtaking vistas of the Swargarohini I, II, and III, Bandarpoonch, Black peak, and Ruinsara peaks. It is a trek of 8 days with moderate difficulty with mild inclines, it still requires daily trail walking of 9 to 10 kilometres.

    6-  Nag Tibba

    Start your first hike at Pantwari Village, the starting location for the Nag Tibba Trek. For a beginner, the Nag Tibba Journey may be the ideal trek. You can use the trail to get to the Nag Tibba Range’s highest peak, which is 9915 feet high. Lots of  new hikers have begun their love affair with the mountains by the breathtaking views of Gangotri Peaks,  Doon Valley, Bandarpooch Peak, Kedarnath Peak. This two-day walk can serve as a beginner’s introduction to hills with steep or gentle inclines. The terrain might become considerably more difficult in January and February due to snow.

    Nag Tibba is regarded as an easy to intermediate trek and is excellent for beginners.

    7- Parashar Lake

    Trek to Kullu Valley’s elusive Parashar Lake. The start of the trek is in Baggi Village. Give the Parashar Lake trip a try if, after scrolling this far, you’re starting to doubt whether trekking is your cup of tea. The lake in the Himachal Pradesh region of Mandi is perfect for a family hike as well. 

    The Parashar Temple on the hilltop is a distinctive example of Himachali architecture, and the brief hike rewards you with a magnificent 360-degree view of the Kullu Valley. This two-day, moderately easy hike is perfect for beginners and families.

    8- Chadar Trek, Jammu & Kashmir

    The sun hardly ever shines through the tall canyon walls as you go through them. But when it does, a stunning, colour-kaleidoscope painting appears. It compels you to shut off the outside world and lose yourself in its mouth watering beauty. It is a moderately demanding trail with beautiful scenery. This is a moderate level trek and the finest time of year is from mid-January through mid-February.