Advantages And Usage Of Interior Bi-Fold Doors


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Doors and windows play an essential role in establishing the property’s unique identity and enhancing its value and appeal. Among the several different types of door designs available in the market today, bi-fold doors are the most popular choice within the housing industry. Apart from adding a touch of luxury and style to the property, bi-fold windows are also known for their convenience and easy access. 

Read on to get a better understanding of bi-fold doors and their advantages. 

A Brief Overview of Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are made up of large glass panels designed to fold inwards or outwards. The doors have two or more folding panels which fold onto each other and stack up against the wall to maximize space utilization. The doors operate on a track that runs along the panels connected to a train. Folding the panels makes them glide over the track with the help of a series of wheels attached at their bottom. As each panel slides backward, it folds onto its preceding panel and opens up the door. 

Understanding The Usage of Bi-Fold Doors 

Bi-fold doors can be installed both inside and outside a home, although they are generally preferred for apertures connecting the two spaces. Another use of bi-fold doors is in interior spaces such as bathrooms and closets, study areas, and balconies. In recent years the trend of bi-fold patio doors has also gained much popularity given their sleek look and modern design. 

Advantages Offered by Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-fold windows and doors offer various advantages that make them a preferred option for indoor use.  

Great Customization Flexibility: Bi-fold doors are available in diverse configurations, styles, and designs. The doors are also made available with frames made from different materials such as wood, UPVC, and aluminum. However, the doors with aluminum frames are the most durable and eco-friendly.   

Better Utilization of Space:  The design of bi-fold doors help to free up space as the doors do not need extra space to open or close. The doors also create an illusion of greater space thanks to their large glass panes and minimum sightlines. The doors are best suited for smaller rooms that look bigger after the installation of bi-fold doors. 

Low Maintenance: Bi-fold doors are extremely easy to maintain compared to traditional doors. The large glass panels are easy to wash and clean, along with the aluminum frames. The frames can also be wiped clean with a moist cloth occasionally to maintain their look and appeal. The aluminum bi-fold patio doors and other doors offered by TOSTEM INDIA provide better resistance to dust and staining and hence are easier to clean and maintain. 

Safe and Secure: Bi-fold doors have excellent safety features, which make them a reliable option for indoor spaces such as closets and bedrooms. The multi-point locking system of bi-fold doors minimizes the risk of break-in or theft. The anodized glass used in the bi-fold doors offered by TOSTEM INDIA further enhances the sturdiness of the doors used in balconies and patios.

Easy to Operate: One of the most significant advantages offered by bi-fold doors is their ease of operation. The doors offered by TOSTEM INDIA are made from aluminum and are incredibly lightweight. The doors slide easily on the tracks and do not require much force or strength to open and close. It is a significant advantage for people with mobility issues or elderly and invalid individuals. 

Final Thoughts

Bi-fold windows and doors are a great addition to any space and enhance user convenience quite significantly with their sturdiness and durability. We hope that the above information helps you understand the usability and benefits of bi-fold doors. 

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