8 Eco-Friendly Packaging April Fools


Suggested tile: 8 eco-friendly packaging ideas for April fools

Be creative and sarcastic for your eco-friendly packaging for April fool’s day. Make your customer happy with funny packaging ideas that hint about the inside product.


April fool is a day when people like to share funny jokes and have fun moments. Creating packaging in this theme will have a positive impact on your brand. Customers like to prefer those brands that keep their packaging creative and up-to-date. You can make your boxes in a way that promotes the celebration of various days or events. This thing boosts the sale of your business as well. A marketer can choose various ideas to implement for funny eco-friendly boxes. Here are some ideas or tips that you can follow for the April fool presentation.

  1. Use Emotions or Smileys for Eco-Friendly Packaging

Smileys are frequently used for eco-friendly packaging. You can be creative in this regard. A box with various faces is an interesting option. You can put a straight face on a box. When the box is opened, the face turns into a smile, making your customer happy. This method also surprises customers by making them feel something different. Emoji packaging is another name for this. Using emojis, you can show how you feel in your box. With this simple but interactive idea, the producer and the customers can get to know each other better. Customers can also feel the happiness that comes from a box. So, use smileys to make your packaging more fun and interesting.

  1. Displaying the Product’s Specification

You can have your eco-friendly packaging box in a shape that depicts the qualities and benefits of the inner product. For example, you can have an energy drink in dumbbell-shaped packaging. Such packaging depicts that if you are working on your body muscles, you must have this drink. This clear demonstration of the drink through the shape of the packaging attracts customers. As a buyer, you don’t have to go through the ingredients of the product to realize its qualities.

  1. Using Cartoons Characters

Another April fools idea for eco-friendly packaging wholesale is the use of different cartoon characters. Children love to have such products that display their favourite cartoon characters. For example, you can pack a healthy food snack with a picture of “Popeye the sailor” cartoon character. This cartoon character is famous for muscles and for having spinach as a healthy intake. This will motivate the kids to have that snack for better performance. Moreover, you can use other characters to make your box funny.

  1. Storytelling

If your packaging can tell a story, you’re doing yourself a big favour. People love to hear stories, and they love to learn things they might not have known otherwise. One can follow the theme of storytelling on April fool to have an amazing look. Both pictures and words are in use for telling an interesting or funny story. Sometimes just a few images are enough to show what the brand stands for and what its goals are. But in some cases, pictures aren’t enough for an eco-friendly packaging template, and it’s better to use words instead. You can use both at a time. This will increase the visual appeal of the box and make your story eye-catching.

  1. Showing the Product Origin for Eco-Friendly Packaging       

You can make use of such eco-friendly packaging boxes in a way that displays the origin of the inside product. For example, you can have boxes in the shape of fruits for different kinds of juice. Putting orange juice in an orange-shaped paper bottle is an excellent way to sell it. Similarly, you can see honey in a jar shaped like a bee, which shows where the honey came from. With this kind of packaging, a customer can get an idea of the product in a matter of seconds. You can make these boxes out of eco-friendly materials and give them creative shapes that will amaze your customers.

  1. Add Surprises

People like things that are pretty and have surprises. People feel good when they use and buy them. For example, you can have an eco-friendly packaging design with a simple pattern on the outside. But inside, you can go for floral or multicoloured inserts. This will surprise the customer when they open the box. Similarly, you can add various surprise gifts in the box along with the main product. For example, adding funny stickers regarding the April fool in a box of food items will make the customers delighted.

  1. Puzzles for Brain Storming

Puzzling or mathematical questions on an eco-friendly packaging box is another trendy practice to engage customers towards your product. People like to solve riddles as this thing increases their curiosity. So, you can have this feature in your packaging. For example, treasure hunt ideas for kids’ products are a good marketing tactic. Jigsaw puzzles are also another idea for creating such packaging. You can have various parts of a product in jigsaw form. Leave it to the customers to make a complete one. Adding attractive colours for various parts of a jigsaw puzzle is an important factor in making it look interesting.

  1. Go for Bright Colours

If your product is colourful, use that as a source of ideas. Fresh colours depict happiness and emotions. Multi-colours are associated with fun and entertainment. So, for April fool packaging, go for bright colours. For example, you can use bright colours in your packaging for your candy box. You can choose red colour packaging for candies that are in apple or strawberries flavour. Similarly, you can choose a yellow colour for the mango flavour. The use of various colours will create a positive vibe among the customers and make them feel positive.


Today, packaging ideas are used all over the world and are constantly changed to meet customers’ high standards. As eco-friendly packaging is gaining popularity, choosing various boxes according to green standards is crucial. Marketers keep their packaging up-to-date by following upcoming events or days. April fool’s celebration is one of them that needs packaging ideas. You can utilize various creative yet funny tips that allow you to associate your packaging solution with this day.