7 Unique Ways to Make Your Custom Boxes More Attractive


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Having custom boxes in the UK for your product’s presentation is essential for a strong marketing campaign. Build your image impactful by making these boxes attractive.

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Custom boxes UK have an important role in promoting any brand. They provide a unique identity to your products that a customer can remember. A boring or plain-looking box will never capture the target market’s attention. Investing your resources intelligently in these boxes will give you an edge over competitors. There are plenty of ways to get maximum benefits by using such packaging. Here we are going to mention some of them to enhance their attractiveness:

  1. Use Unusual Shapes for Custom Boxes UK

Make sure that the way you package your product sets you apart from the rest. Since cardboard is the easiest material to customize, most brands think of it as the best choice. Circular, rectangular, oval, and square are all common shapes that move around the market. But there are many other shapes, like hexagonal, pentagonal, and triangular boxes. You can use such shapes to make your custom boxes UK more unique and attractive. Customers will become curious about your product if they see a unique shape. The unusual shape will make the viewers think about the uniqueness of the inside product. So, invest your money in creative ideas regarding the shapes of your packaging boxes.

  1. Having a Unique Unboxing Experience

The unboxing experience strongly impacts the minds of the customers. You can use it to make a prominent place in the market. Make the unboxing a big deal and give your customers a treat. Be creative, funny, odd, and artistic as long as it fits with your brand. Make sure customers have a good time when they open the box. When they look at the custom packaging boxes, they should feel amazing about what’s inside. Thus, make the process of opening these boxes fun! You can add little surprises inside the box or go for different yet easy techniques to create a good opening.

  1. Follow Popular Design Trends 

For packaging to be very effective, it needs to catch the attention of others. Offer more than just a box to get people’s attention. By going with the current designs, you can connect with your customers and become a part of their lives. But if you start your trends, you will become famous and known all over the world. As then, every other brand will follow the trend you set. For example, storytelling themes are now trendy. Additionally, you can print riddles and puzzles on the custom boxes and ask for feedback. These features will make the audience enjoy being a part of your brand.

  1. Add Decorative Accessories

Adding little yet attractive things to your custom packaging can make a long-lasting impression. Ribbons and washi tapes are all you need. The classic ribbon bow on top of the box is always a nice touch, but you have to be creative. Try putting the ribbons on the box in layers and weaving them together to make a smooth and stylish pattern. A ribbon in a bow shape is also a good and practical option. Moreover, thin strips of washi tape can be wrapped around the sides of the box to make a pretty pattern. Not just the ribbons. You can add buttons on the top lid. Putting a button on a string and tying it around your product’s package will give it a unique look. You can also cover the sides of the box with colourful strips all around.

  1. Foil Stamping for Custom Boxes UK

Foil stamping is used to apply metal dies with heat and pressure. This technique gives unique optical effects. You can apply foil stamping to make your logo prominent. Go Custom Boxes with logos give your package a new identity. If you add extra options like foil stamping on your packaging, then you can beat the competition. So, add extra touches to the packaging of your brand to make it more valuable. For foil stamping, you need to choose designs that are modern, luxurious, eye-catching etc. The ideal option depends on your product and branding needs.

  1. Go for Die Cut Windows

Die-cut windows are commonly in use, and they look amazing. Most of these windows are made of clear plastic sheets. These go on the top of the box, but they can also go on the side. The shapes of these windows can be oval, rectangular, circular, square, triangular, etc. Since these windows are clear, they let customers see what’s inside the packaging before they buy it. This makes it easier for people to believe in the brand and the product. These windows in custom box packaging make a strong appeal as they give an idea about the inside things.

  1. Choose Unique Style and Colours

The packaging is the face of your brand in the marketplace. It helps people understand who you are. So, creating a stylish look will go a long way and help you in many different ways. Your brand is also reflected by the colour and style of the package for your product. Choose a colour that makes you feel good, such as blue, green, pink, red, yellow, or orange. Keep your brand’s these in mind before selecting any theme. The colour of the package must relate to the brand and the company’s image. As the colour scheme is important when designing a website.


Packaging is an important part of the product now. In today’s competitive market, custom boxes UK are a way to influence what customers think about and perceive your brand. How they see your product and what they say about it all depends upon the outlook. So, creative and effective use of resources in your boxes is essential. Make use of some practical tips that can increase the aesthetics of your boxes and promote your brand.