7 Tips To Run A TikTok Marketing


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    TikTok has received massive recognition from the public over the past few years. As a newcomer, TikTok has gathered a crazy amount of active users, surpassing its forerunner, Twitter and Pinterest.

    Moreover, TikTok has been expanding its functions from a mere entertainment platform to a legit place for marketing purposes. Any type of video works well on TikTok, from tutorials, live-action, to explainer videos.

    You can also join the flow by leveraging the platform. So, we’ve listed the seven tips to run TikTok marketing to guide you toward success. Keep reading to reveal the essentials!

    #1. Follow the Trends

    The key to gathering views on TikTok is to follow the trends, such as tags, music, filters, and video styles. The higher your view rate, the bigger your chance of becoming viral. The TikTok algorithm always prioritizes content based on popularity.

    Therefore, always familiarize yourself with the TikTok trends and features, including its editing and analytics features. Following the current trend will give your content more exposure on TikTok’s For Your Page (FYP).

    #2. TikTok Influencer Partnership

    Working with well-known influencers is a fantastic way to get instant fame. Influencers already have loyal followers, so it’s easier to expose your brand or products to a mass of people.

    Choose influencers that have the same niche as your brand. They will help you increase more engagement, improve brand awareness, and build trust from the viewers.

    However, doing a paid promotion with a huge influencer can be expensive. You can start with micro-influencers within your niche if you’re on a budget. As long as the influencers can represent your brand well, your effort won’t go in vain.

    #3. Get the Right Timing

    When it comes to creating TikTok videos, timing is everything. You should strategically consider your video length, posting frequency, and the right time to publish content.

    Making your video too long won’t be effective. So, keep your promotional video between 21 and 30 seconds for optimal results. 

    In terms of posting frequency, uploading one video per day is enough. But, if you want to yield more results, you can upload up to three video content in a day.

    Moreover, avoid weekends to post content. Some experts believe that the best times to post content are on Tuesday at 9 am, Thursday at 12 pm, and Friday at 5 am. 

    However, it may come out differently in your case. Therefore, study the best time to post content on the analytics page and find which times work best to gather viewers.

    #4. Post Authentic Content Regularly

    Implementing TikTok marketing is both fun and challenging at the same time. You must squeeze your creativity and effort to create authentic content regularly.

    You may follow the trends, but crafting original content is always a must. Having original content helps build the professionality of your brand. You can create many kinds of videos, such as tutorials, commentary, try-on, reviews, and more.

    In addition, since TikTok is a video-based animation platform, creating and posting videos on a daily basis is your utmost routine. You can also create fun games where followers can join and interact with you.

    #5. Use Closed Caption

    Closed captions are not always necessary, but they can be a plus point for your content. Sometimes, people need to play videos on mute. So, having closed captions will help them understand the content.

    Moreover, closed captions are also helpful to highlight your call-to-action or CTA. Use strong and clear CTA to drive people to do the desired actions.

    #6. Get Your Account Verified

    Getting your account verified is also not necessary, but having it will be impactful to give a stronger presence to your brand. However, you need patience and hard work to acquire the tiny blue checkmark on your account.

    TikTok has its criteria to make an account verified. The TikTok committee will review based on posting consistency, video quality, trending content, and the amount of followers.

    Some best pieces of advice to take are getting featured in the media, going viral, and not violating the community guidelines. Moreover, getting verified on other social media, like Instagram and Twitter, can also help you get verified  on TikTok faster.

    #7. TikTok Ads

    If you want more impactful results, you can try using TikTok ads. Users who have never seen your product before have more possibility to bump into your ads and start scrolling through your feed. 

    You’ll quickly raise brand awareness, gather more audience and prospective customers, and improve conversion rates. TikTok provides some types of advertisements, which are:

    • In-feed ads
    • Top view ads
    • Branded hashtags
    • Branded effects

    You can use certain ads for marketing purposes depending on your goals and budget. Remember that you must splurge some bucks in order to use TikTok ads.

    The Takeaway

    TikTok popularity doesn’t seem to waver any time soon, so starting TikTok marketing now is a good strategy for your business. The process to success may vary among companies, but your effort will always pay off one day.

    The seven above points can be your guide to starting TikTok marketing. The key is to always keep an eye on the latest trends on the platform and constantly upgrade your marketing skills to yield the best result.


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