6 Ways Influencers Have Transformed Digital Marketing


Nowadays digital marketing landscape has shifted to something that is increasingly digital. Marketers have found themselves in a labyrinth of new rules and regulations, requiring them to transform their focus on social media influencers.

Digital marketing involves videos, blog posts, podcasts – essentially anything potential clients can consume online. So, it makes sense that social media influences would majorly impact how marketers approach the digital side of their job.

A digital influencer has an online following and uses this to influence their audience positively. It is a marketing option that has been around for decades and has led to many breakthroughs in marketing, advertising, and society. Here are six ways that influencers have transformed digital marketing.

1. Better Audience Alignment

The focus of digital marketing is the audience. As a marketer, it would be unwise to advertise to an audience that is not receptive or responsive to your message. Digital influencers help you better target your ideal consumer by providing data and information that you can use as market research.

In addition, they will have an established relationship with their followers, which gives you insight into how they receive your messages. This insight is invaluable in helping you decide where to allocate your budget and how to target your consumers better.

2. Variation in Marketing Expenses

More brands recognize that digital marketing can lead to different outcomes. Influencer marketing offers a variety of possibilities, which is what makes it unique in the digital space.

Influencers require a certain level of budget to reach their audience. Now, many companies are relocating their marking budget from TV ads to influencer marketing, which only requires a fraction of their budget but allows them to reach more customers.

When looking to work with an influencer, it is important to consider partner performance metrics, such as follower engagement and content quality, to ensure they are a good fit for your brand.

Once a partnership is established, an influencer will work to align their audience with your brand. As a result, brands can build authentic relationships with consumers, which makes it easier for them to act as ambassadors for your brand.

3. Reliability

Digital influencers are reliable sources of information. They provide relevant, honest, and easy-to-digest content for their consumers. This makes them appealing to brands looking for reliable information to relay to their audiences.

Brands can communicate with all of the influencer’s followers in one go, unlike other marketing methods that reach a limited number of consumers in specific places or times. When brands work with digital influencers, they can reach thousands or even millions of consumers simultaneously and show up on the radar of every single person on their list.

4. Rapid Progression of the Sales Funnel

Brands know they need to move leads quickly down the sales funnel, making influencer content a great way to enhance your marketing campaigns. Influencers understand how to attract and bring consumers along the buyer’s journey.

They develop authentic relationships with their audience and guide them through the typical thought process when someone is looking to purchase a product or service. The influencers then get these consumers in front of your brand, which makes it easy for you to close the sale.

5. Ability to Deliver Information

Digital influencers have developed highly effective skills at communicating information interestingly and engagingly with their followers. This is due to their passion for what they do, which makes every one of them a valuable resource for brands.

They can also identify problems that need to be solved and show your audience how you can help with them. Because of this, a brand’s products and services can get top-of-mind awareness.

6. Relinquishing Creative Control

One of the best parts about working with digital influencers is that they are not trying to sell you a product. They are doing it because they enjoy what they do and want to share it with their audience. This means that your brand does not need to relinquish creative control of the content you are creating.

The influencer will create content around your product or service but will still tailor it to their audience’s needs. It is an effective way for brands to avoid overly promotional content and get real value from digital influencer marketing.

Additionally, they can be a guide to your audience when it comes to expressing genuine opinions about how you can provide value to them. This works by posting articles, podcasts, or videos describing how they feel using your brand’s products or services.

While this may not seem like a huge move for the influencer, it is quite the opposite because it allows you to grow your business and sell more of what you offer. Then, once the article has been published and shared on social media, it provides evidence that consumers well received the content.


Typically, digital influencers have helped transform the field of digital marketing because of the nature of their work. They provide reliable information aligned with your brand, making them a valuable resource for any marketer.