10 Wall Decoration Suggestions to Liven Up Your Home


Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Nadeem Ahmad

            If you are like me, you love creatively expressing yourself through the décor in your house. One of the many ways you can truly express yourself is by decorating your walls with items that you feel will reflect your personality and the ambient you want to strike when people walk into that particular room. So, let’s explore 10 wall decoration ideas that could liven up your home and inspire you to maybe even come up with your own idea!

1) A Singular Large-Scale Art Piece

Starting off the list big. If there is one single art piece that truly speaks to you, don’t be afraid to let the world know. A large-scale picture will always command the attention of everyone present in the room. It will force their gaze to go toward it. This is simply how it is meant to work. Now, the tricky part comes with deciding on a single piece. It will be a larger investment than with several smaller artworks. So, make sure to choose the one item you really like and intend to stick with.

2) Turn Your Wall Into a Living Gallery

If a single large-scale painting isn’t your type of thing, that’s fine. I cannot settle for one painting over another, so I feel that there is never enough space on my wall to express myself. This is why it can truly bring class to a room if you turn the wall into a living gallery, filled with artwork that you absolutely adore. It can be photos, paintings, or any type of art. You can even add some ornaments into the mix to make them stand out more. Try to steer away from unframed posters and scrolls, as they can make the room appear tacky. Don’t forget to have matching frames, because if they stand out or use completely different color palettes, it can break the style you are going for. If you extend the galley to the ceiling, it can make the room feel even larger.

3) Play Around With Mirrors

Mirrors are a necessary component of everyday life, but what if we turned them into a room centerpiece? If you play your cards correctly, you can give a room a surreal ambiance. Turning walls into room parts that amplify the effect of the other furniture that you have present. Aside from this, it adds a sense of ambiguity to a room. Perfect for a classy and unique living room. Don’t be afraid to play around with shapes, as they can fully express your innovation and creativity. A round mirror gives more individuality to the room, while square mirrors make the room they are in feel larger.

4) Showcase Fabric

Showcasing a specific fabric can add a sense of familiarity to the room it’s presented in. This will come along with a sense of softness and relaxation. It makes for a perfect relaxing mood-setter. They are also a lot easier to hang up than framed art pieces. Just remember to fit the color of the fabric with the color palette of the room. If the room is in a bright color, make sure the fabric is as well!

5) Beaded Wall Art

Beaded wall art is a niche, but growingly popular artistic choice. It makes the room pop with a more exotic style. Not to mention, it is also very easy to install. There are plenty of abstract designs that you can work around. A good aspect of beaded art is that it comes in a variety of shapes and colors, which makes it easy to fit in with any existing room atmosphere. It is also a great way to enrich an empty space in the living room.

6) Paint a Mural

Fancy yourself an artist? Paint a mural! You don’t have to be a professional, obviously. But any form of artistic expression can be beneficial. It can serve both as a great way of decorating that empty wall space in the bedroom, and it can be a great way of lowering your stress levels and improving your mental state. It can be a wall painting with brushes, with hands, or whatever you feel like. Truly, the sky is the limit!

7) Use an Oversized Calendar

An oversized calendar falls under the wackier category of wall décor. It adds the perfect touch for any homeowner looking to explore new styles of decorating. It will add more life to the wall, and it makes for a great conversation starter with guests. It can also serve the full utility that a normal calendar does. Oh, what’s that? It’s time for your house rendering appointment in Sydney tomorrow! Better not miss it.

8) Place a Giant Chalkboard

Just like an oversized calendar, a giant chalkboard falls under the more niche category of décor. Regardless of whether the room in question is the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, a giant chalkboard can serve as a good reference point for important tasks throughout the day, or for a handy place to write down daily inspirations that strike you in a specific moment.

9) Install New Shelves

Run out of space to store your stuff? Have no fear, wall shelves are here. Wall shelves can serve as a good decoration piece and as a solution to some of your storage issues. It’s a win-win situation! What better way of presenting your collection than on the wall shelves for everyone to see? Whether it’s your collection of Lord of the Rings books, small sculptures, childhood trophies, or something else, it deserves its spot on the wall.

10) Hang a Plate Collection

Have some priceless antique plates passed down from your grandparents? What better way to show them off than by hanging them on the walls? This might be too daring of a move for some. After all, there is an increase in the chance of it breaking. But if it’s sitting in a cupboard for all eternity, what was the point of keeping them anyway? Hanging them on the wall gives off an ambiance of elegance and prestige. It makes the room feel more pristine. So, stop hiding that beautiful china you have!

            That would be it for today folks. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have gotten some inspiration for how you could give new life to the walls in your home, and keep improving your household from there. Till next time!